Mthuli Ncube Budget Lacklustre
28 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti has described Mthuli Ncube’s budget presentation as an exercise in mediocrity.

According to the former Finance Minister, the budget does not at all address fundamental issue tied around the nation’s economy.

Below is Hon Biti’s argument:

That Budget presentation was made by a man just going through a ritualistic formality It was a sordid exercise in mediocrity , mendacity & lackadaisity.A lacklustre & vacuous presentation berefit of substance or form. One totally oblivious to the structural challenges facing Zim.

The failure to address the structural issues around currency ,the auction rate,deficits ,corruption & the debt question makes the budget irrelevant.The illicit takeover of RBZ s legacy debts ,3 years after the RBZ Debt assumption Bill is criminal.RBZ is haven for crime &deficits

We have always argued that the class of 2018 is the worst Government in the history of Governments. We respectfully submit that the 2021 Budget is proof beyond reasonable doubt of this contention

And just before they get too excited , Mnangagwa and his lot must know that any amendment in the constitution altering term limits must be approved by Zimbabweans in a referendum over and above the requisite two thirds constitutional threshold. #AsifuniBumbulu

Hon Biti