Government Announces New COVID-19 Measures
1 December 2021
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  1. All returning residents and visitors have to undergo PCR testing, and will be quarantined, at own cost, for days recommended by WHO, even if they present a negative PCR test results from elsewhere;
  2. A daily Curfew, running from 9pm to 6am, will be imposed to limit movement and hence transmission. Only essential services categories announced in previous gazettes stand exempt;
  3. All shops will open for business from 0700 Hours and will close for business by 1900 Hours;
  4. Number and behaviour of all persons attending any gathering must observe and comply with W.H.O protocols i.e. masking, social distancing and sanitising.
  5. All Covid-19 related Funerals will strictly be supervised by Ministry of Health and Child Care Environmental Health Officers and Technicians;
  6. No liquor will be consumed at bottle stores, which consequently cease to be drinking premises until further notice;
  7. Night Clubs and bars will admit Vaccinated clients only.
  8. Restaurants are required to close at 1900 hours;
  9. All those eligible for Covid-19 vaccination are being called upon to get vaccinated