MAVAZA OPINION: MDC-A Weaponize Covid 19 for Regime Change
1 December 2021
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | In the most bizarre development in 2021, the British government with the support of MDCA has endorsed the peddling of Covid 19 falsehoods and manipulation as a weapon for regime change.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic started the MDC A under Nelson Chamisa have taken turns to blame the COVID on ZANU PF Rule. They have actually raised wrong flags just to put pressure on Zimbabwe.

Dr Masimba Mavaza

Since the death of Tsvangirai Chamisa imposed an increasingly ruinous rule on MDC for 4 years. Since then, misinformation has been described as a “tsunami”.

Now, as elsewhere, misinformation has become part of the country’s political game. But the sad thing is it is these lies by MDC which are having ripple effects on all Zimbabweans.

“Most often the elite in the MDC leadership are benefiting from mis- and disinformation on the fight against COVID 19 in Zimbabwe. This becomes ammunition for the West to punish Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately the punishment has now gone to affect the whole region. The MDC is using disinformation to paint itself in a good light and portray itself as a victim of mishandling of the Covid 19 pandemic by Zimbabwe. These politicians from the opposition parties particularly Tendai Mbiti also use false stories to try and discredit the work that Government is doing.

The opposition now uses Covid 19 as another dangerous weapon in their locker which they share with their handlers to punish Zimbabwe.

The opposition has been  misleading the public for political gains. In a speech in November, Tendai Biti, the second Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance, criticised the government’s handling of the pandemic, claiming Zimbabwe had the  world’s lowest per capita rate of COVID-19 testing. This is what the United Kingdom referenced on when they put Zimbabwe under the red list. Despite the trigger happy attitude of the UK government in putting Zimbabwe in the red list, Zimbabwe actually had better rates of testing than several of the regional countries that Biti had cited. The top brass of the MDCA has endorsed the ravages of Covid 19 as the latest weapon in their armoury for regime change in the same way they have used sanctions to demonise the government and people of Zimbabwe. Through misinformation and manipulation of the government’s handling of the pandemic the whole region has been demonised. The adage that an injury to one is an injury to all has become real in this instance. Despite the glaring successes of Zimbabwe’s handling of the pandemic the MDCA has opted to go for yet another scorched earth policy, “kudira majecha”. The MDC’s attitude towards COVID19 is disgusting yet the media world wide believes them.

It is now that the region has experienced domestic terrorism first hand when the effects of misinformation are translated into travel ban reached hastily with no proper investigations into the the new variant.

It is true that Omicron is not a Southern African variant.
Omicron – which has 32 mutations on its spike protein – was first identified in the region, although cases are now being found all over the world, including more in the UK. The suggestion is that the UK might have had the variant long before South Africa. The reality of the matter is that South Africa and Botswana were the first to identify it and rightfully warned the world.

It is ironically that Southern Africa is being punished for being diligent and honest.
It appears the Zimbabwe has been too tolerant of the nuisance to the point of endorsing treasonous acts of sabotage. Now we are in the red list because our efforts as a country are being turned political by the MDC and its splitting crew. There is a clamour for radical action from various quarters and one can understand why there is growing anger over the MDCA. There is an argument that the MDCA seem to be putting forward an argument supported by their masters suggesting that the democratic space is not free. Surely the MDCA is holding the government and the people of Zimbabwe to ransom as part of the neo-colonial agenda to extend the dominance of western powers in the affairs of an independent Zimbabwe.
A claim by MDCA that Zimbabwe and SADC are not disclosing full details of the Covid 19 crisis is the reason why Southern Africa has been put on economical isolation in the name of the new variant.
The British government which has been singing in parliament that Zimbabwe is using Covid 19 to avoid by-elections are the ones now quick to isolate Zimbabwe. If it is in their country they take quick action but if Zimbabwe does the same is labelled. This has been done with the help of the MDC. MDC has now become a liability in the region as their unguided speeches and unfounded allegations are now costing the whole region.

The MDC has twisted the genuine deaths from Covid and make them political.
Again Botswana confirms that the first people to test positive to the variant were diplomats on diplomatic mission.
Out of respect the Tswanas did not disclose the nationality of the diplomats. If it was an African diplomats the Western government would have published their nationalities their names, their dates of birth, their children’s names and their complexion. This goes to show how Africans respect individual privacy and will not overreact. The maturity shown by the Tswanas was nit reciprocated. Instead that was taken as a sign of weakness leading to a total isolation.
With all this unfairness taking place in the Western world we have the terrorists in our midst. They have applied their destruction of the region through their vilifying of Zimbabwe.

If it was not for the misinformation being spread by the MDC there would be no isolation of Zimbabwe and Southern African states.
It is a shame that MDC has nothing to say except demonising Zimbabwe. Now the whole of Africa is groaning under the evil misinformation of the MDC.

The MDC is prepared to drag Zimbabwe into the grave for them to rule.

They are so obsessed with power and are willing to take the whole country down with them.

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