Gateway Stream Launches Unique Platform For Social Influencers
4 December 2021
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By A Correspondent| Gateway Stream has launched a program which will see social influencers earn a commission from sales of products and services found on the Gateway Stream platform. Using their extensive reach and influence the selected social influencers will be able to monetise their brand equity by way of reaching out to their captive audience of followers.

“We aim to help social influencers exploit the valuable asset that they have, that is, access to markets, in a way that ensures that they monetize their brand equity. Social influencers already have what corporates want, a defined market and reach, which they access in an effective cost-effective way” said Rainbow Tourism Group Chief Executive Tendai Madziwanyika at the launch of the program.

He further stated that the role of Gateway Stream is to help social influencers exploit the valuable asset they possess which is access to markets and monetize that opportunity. Using their expertise in marketing and branding RTG will assist the artists to create engaging marketing messaging and campaigns through their in-house creative unit.

The mechanics of the program will see Gateway Stream issue the social influencer with a promo-code which they will use to engage their social network.

A follower from the influencer’s social network will have to quote the promo-code when booking or buying anything from Gateway Stream. Once a follower completes a purchase by way of payment, the agreed commission level for the specific category will be credited to the social influencer’s account.

The more sales the social influencer makes the more money they stand to earn! Gateway Stream is currently working on the development of a portal that will enable the social influencers to have backend access where they can load their own products, view transactions under their promo-code, track their commission and request pay-outs from their account.

Besides the products on the platform, social influencers can also have an opportunity to brand and sell their own memorabilia such as clothing lines, perfumes, etc. on the Gateway Stream platform.