Fearless Cde – Dhewa Mavhinga | Obituary
5 December 2021
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Today I am an angry man. The last time I was this angry was when our father Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirayi died. I am angry because Dhewa Mavhinga was a fighter, a fearless warrior, the best we had in the civic society. I’m angry because we are one brave soldier short in the struggle.

I remember when he came to Washington DC to testify before the US Senate- brave, vociferous, unperturbed, blunt with the regime yet remaining truthful and factual.

He churned out before the world shocking statistics of human rights abuses by Zanu PF without blinking an eye, fearless and oblivious of what the regime could do to him. He represented the people well – he spoke on behalf of the muzzled millions – He stood with the people of Zimbabwe . He defended the people like he always did as he was always on the side of the People! What a man!

A year later we were to interact again in Johannesburg. One phone call and the appointment had been made to meet at his offices despite his busy schedule and the short notice. He was a very humble and down to earth, an intellectual, a fundi, a smart lawyer who would converse with you in eloquent Shona, deep Shona rich with tsumo, madimikira and nyaudzosingwi. You would marvel at how the man was so articulate in both Shona and English . Check his Facebook page and see how he wrote fluently in Shona.

See his last post on varoyi and mhondi as if he was for telling his death. Did he knew his fate? Of course as a big critic of the regime he was always “an enemy of the state” hence a target . Did he knew the “ devil /varoyi/mhondi were after him. He wrote a few days before his death, “ …..kunobata nguva dzerunyanhiriri wakaipa anenge ari pakupota-pota. Vaya vetsero nemapere vanenge vovhimira kuenda kuti vasayedzerwe vasina kudzimba. Ndiwaya mashambanzou mukai tinamate“ literally translated it would be , “ … in the early hours of the morning that’s the time the enemy is most active -The witches and the bad guys will be going for the final kill – the wee mornings are dangerous times so wake up and let us pray. ”

The Shona used by Dhewa was pregnant with many meanings. Did he knew “ wakaipa” ( bad guys) were coming after him. “ …. Vasayedzerwa vasina kudzimba” ( so it’s not time before they eliminate the target) Did he mean that “ wakaipa (the bad guys) were obliged to finish off someone before day break/ before time. Only Mavhinga knows what he meant because only him knew what he was seeing and what he was feeling at the time of writing that post. All I know is he was a pain in the back of the ED Mnangagwa regime- he was one of ED’s biggest critique and ED doesn’t like critiques. He assassinates critics using everything the Russians taught him.

Either way Cde Dhewa, we will finish this struggle in your honour and in honour of many others that have been assassinated before you. Rest In Power my brother!

Zimbabwe shall be free and we shall live freely ever after without fear of the “leaders” .

#NHM so we can live safely

Tawanda Dzokora

Writing in my own capacity as a friend of Dewa, and not on behalf of NAP