Unexplained Things Which Suggest Chadcombe Laywer Murdered Own Partners-In-Crime
9 December 2021
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By Joshua Risinamhodzi

  1. Are private citizens allowed to own an assault rifle such as the Stribog used by Nemaisa?
  2. Why did he not notify the police for assistance (by phone) that there was a break-in at his house and he is rushing there
  3. Would you open fire at armed criminals who have your family at their mercy?
  4. From the spent cases what are the firearms that were used and licensed to whom?
  5. What was so valuable at his house in Chadcombe which attracted such a highly armed gang of criminals?
  6. If he is such a sharpshooter, why is it that the so-called remaining 2 criminals managed to get all the particulars of their dead accomplices, together with firearms, and flee with them.
  7. Why was the other body moved as it clearly shows in the video that it was dragged off from its original position?
  8. Why is he unfazed when he killed part of a gang so highly trained and organised, a normal family man would be worried
  9. As an ex-detective and lawyer why did he give The Herald an interview when the case has not been to court?
  10. The deceased robbers are alleged to have been involved in the ZB US$2,7m robbery – could that be where all this mess is emanating from?