Linda Masarira Rejects Dr Khupe
16 December 2021
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Dr Thokozani Khupe

By A Correspondent- LEAD President Linda Masarira has rejected a suggestion for Dr Thokozani Khupe to join her party.

The suggestion was made by one Brian Rupiya who said Dr Khupe must join Masarira considering that the two have worked together in the past.

Said Rupiya:

Dr Thokozani Khupe ngawanojoina LEAD sevanhu wakamboshanda wese na @lilomaticLinda Tsungirirai [email protected] meaning Dr Thokozani Khupe should go and join LEAD considering that she has in the past worked with LEAD leader Linda Masarira.

But Masarira rejected the suggestion and said Dr Khupe was not welcome because she was always brewing trouble.

Said Masarira:

Kuno hativadi bodo Ngavagare kuMDC kwavo ikoko kwavanoswero bvongodza muto meaning we do not want her in our party. She must stay at her MDC where she is always brewing trouble and causing confusion and disharmony.