Susan Mutami Exposed
18 December 2021
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By A Correspondent | INVESTIGATIVE |Controversial Australian-based socialite Susan Mutami has been exposed for lying that she had twins with Norton Law-maker Temba Mliswa.

 Mutami made headlines claiming that she was having torrid times with the Mliswa twins. 

Highly placed sources who are close associates of Mutami told that the socialite does not have twins. 

“We are always together here, and she does not have twins. She said we should not tell anyone about this,” said the sources. also exposed Mutami’s several scandals, which included the government minister. 

The below is a trail of event twists that involved high profile ministers caught between two scandals, one on the sale of stands and one of trappings using a self-proclaimed anti-terrorism expert, Susan Mutami.

 It was all triggered when earlier in the year, the Special Anti Corruption Unit head, Thabani Mpofu was close to arresting Local Govt Minister, July Moyo over the alleged sale of stands in Harare, Kwekwe and Gweru for his own benefit. There were several beneficiaries listed on this reported scandal who are in the ministry of Justice; so to hide this, a quick plan was hatched to get Mpofu fired.

Mpofu, who leads the controversial taskforce, was swiftly accused of authoring letters for MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti advising the opposition icon on ways if navigating through the justice system. Close sources allege that, when this was about to happen, the Norton MP Temba Mliswa went over to president, Emmerson Mnangagwa to advise him to ignore the calls to fire Mpofu, doing this in order to settle scores with the enemy of an enemy (Mliswa had heard that Thabani Mpofu had been set up by July Moyo, Owen Ncube, and Virginia Mabhiza). Mliswa has had several bones to chew with Thabani Mpofu. Mliswa reasoned with Mnangagwa saying: how could Thabani Mpofu author letters for MDC Deputy President Tendai Biti in this age and time when he could simply pick a phone call. Parallel to all this, Temba Mliswa was the subject of an ongoing probe in which he was entangled with an ex girlfriend Susan Mutami. Facts became clear mid February that, Susan Mutami, the centre of the axis, was used to incriminate Mliswa. Mutami is an enigma. She claims she bedded the late SB Moyo, Killer Zivhu, Temba Mliswa. She is even openly announces saying she has bedded the President Emmerson Mnangagwa. She says she has Mliswa’s twins, while at the same time naming her son after his arch enemy, Owen Ncube.

 5 LOVERS, 2 PREGNANCIES TO 2 DIFFERENT MEN, ALL IN ONE YEAR              Last year alone she dated at least four different men who include the Foreign Affairs Minister SB Moyo, one after the other:Susan Mutami’s latest profile picture – source: Susan Mutami,

Polite Kambamura, the Mining Deputy Minister (they were engaged). Walter Chikwana, Secretary for the Judicial Commission (they had a civil partnership in 2020), and ZANU PF MP, Hon Kenneth Musanhi