I Stopped Listening To Winky D When I Discovered He Wears MDC Alliance Regalia
19 December 2021
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By Farai D Hove | I stopped listening to Winky D when I found him performing with MDC Alliance regalia, says Zanu PF’s Shumba Nyamuziwa.

Writing on Saturday afternoon, Nyamuziwa responded to a complaint by a female lawyer by saying:

He so called MDC Alliance regalia is in fact prison garb

“Winky D has been MDC ever since that time he released the Jecha song and performing wearing the MDC regalias.

“I used to like him but ipapo zvakabva zvapera- on that day my love for him quickly ended.”

Nyamiziwa stressed saying the problem with the singer is that he performs while wearing MDC Allianc regalia.

The only regalia Winky D has performed wearing is prison garb.

“This prison garb is what you call MDC regalia? Winky D does not wear party regalia, ” said one BaOranji.

Meanwhile, the learned lawyer had earlier on passed her complaint saying she won’t listen to Winky “I love Winky D but because his music has been politicized and aligned, I won’t listen to it,” she said.