Watch: Zimbabweans Speak On President Chamisa Film
19 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|
President Nelson Chamisa’s documentary was launched last night in New York at the film forum.

Scores of Zimbabweans in America attended the historic launch.

Tawanda Dzvokora the MDC A chairperson for North America Province was among the guests alongside MDC A provincial and Branch leaders.

Dzvokora said: “We spoke to those who watched the documentary and they could not hold back their tears.

The film is a true reflection of what happened on August 1 2018. Innocent citizens were shot dead by the military acting on Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s directive.

August 1 is a black day for the nation.”

Mr Gwekwerere the district Chairperson under which NY falls flew from Florida to attend the event.

The film is emotive and most of the people who watched it cried- especially Zimbabweans who had to relive the August 1 2018 painful events.

One of the journalists who covered the August 1 killings, Obey Manaiti was at the film launch. He described the documentary as a true record of what happened.

Another MDC A official present at the event said: “The documentary is a must watch for every Zimbabwean.”