“There Is No Democracy Without Young People”: LEAD Youths
22 December 2021
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21 December 2022

YoungLEAD the youth wing off Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats joins all Zimbabweans to celebrate Unity Day.

For us unity means being integrated into governance structures and having our voices heard. Unity Day, demonstrates the necessity of appreciating one another in a way that improves societal values.

This is the day that defines us as a unique people who value national development over selfish personal interests.

We are grateful to our President Mambokadzi Linda wekwaMasarira who continuously supports and advocates for the inclusion of young people in all governance positions. There is no democracy without young people.

When we speak of unity, we speak of generational convergence to cross pollinate ideas to build a transformative developmental state which can sustain human development and economic growth.

Let us embrace each other in our diversity and work for the common good of our country.

LEAD is leaving no youth behind.

Happy Unity Day Zimbabweans

Petty Mazenge YoungLEAD Secretary for Information and Publicity