Chinamasa Chronicles A Horrible Year Of Disasters and Misfortunes
1 January 2022
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Zanu PF politburo member and former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has chronicled the misfortunes that hit himself and his family in 2021 including being hospitalised after contracting COVID-19, house being gutted by fire and escaping death by a whisker after his car was involved in a near fatal accident near Rusape along Harare-Mutare highway.

Below is Chinamasa’s thread

As 2021 draws to an end my resolve is to give the year a back kick & forget the unpleasant events that occurred to me during the year. For me 2021 was Annus Horribilis, a horrible year. A year when disasters & misfortunes hugged me & side by side became my constant companions.

First Misfortune: In January 2021 I contracted COVID-19 & unable to breathe freely the oxygen in the atmosphere (which by the way we take for granted) was hospitalised for 10 days & was sustained by an oxygen machine …

After I was discharged from hospital I had 2 weeks of daily physiotherapy sessions under the care of a Physiotherapist to help restore the functionality of the lungs which Covid-19 had partially disabled.Through the grace of God bit by bit over a long period I recovered my health

Second Misfortune: On 10 July 2021 while driving on the Rusape to Harare road about 2km from the Tollgate around 6pm, I was involved in a near fatal accident. Driving behind an old lorry laden high with heavy, poorly secured scrap iron junk loose pieces and poles …

the scrap iron junk pieces & poles slipped from the lorry onto the tarmac onto to my vehicle. I was saved by the airbag which popped out & hit me hard in the chest & palm of my left hand.

I was again hospitalised for a week to allow doctors to monitor my condition in particular whether I had suffered internal injuries as well as to administer medical drugs to mitigate the excruciating left palm & chest pains.The palm and chest pains have not gotten away.

Since the accident I have had to undergo weekly physiotherapy sessions to relieve the pain & at times have had to resort to Accupuncture treatment (i.e. Chinese traditional treatment through insertion of fine needles into the skin to relieve pain).

The battle to rid of the pain to the left palm & chest is not yet won. My left palm is still weak to lift anything & as a result I have had to abandon playing golf.

Third Misfortune: On 22 October 2021 between 3.30pm & 4pm the house I built in 1981 i n Borrowdale was gutted by a raging fire. The fire destroyed everything I have worked for the past 49 years of my life-literally everything…

I mourn & grieve the most the irreplaceable loss of my library, manuscripts, documents, records, memorabilia, family photos etc. Through the grace of God there was no loss of life or any injuries suffered.

I am grateful to friends & relatives who have sustained me thus far through generous gifts of suits, shirts, ties, shoes, sheets, blankets, accommodation etc. I shall forever remain perpetually indebted to them.

So to 2021 I say good bye. Fare thee well. I embrace 2022 with zeal & optimism with assured expectation of a ZanuPF Resounding Victory in the forthcoming Parliamentary & Local Authority By-Elections.Iŕ5ŕŕv wish Zimbabweans from all walks of life Compliments of the New Season.