We Are Tired Of Zanu PF False Promises
3 January 2022
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Under ZANU PF’s bad governance every new year has been said to be a year of economic growth.seriously for the past four decades we have been told this same old lie, even fools can’t take this anymore and I don’t have an appropriate word to describe those who still believe ZANU PF can work wonders and still rescue this country from economic crisis.

Instead of celebrating many good things which come with a new year what is left for us to celebrate is our miserable lives(which are not even secure under this brutal government) after that we brace up for more hardships.

It’s really terrifying to hear a failure saying “2030 ndendichipo”, for only four years he has been in office he has proved to be the worst president in Africa.i can’t imagine what will be left for this country if he gets another term in office.

2023 is around the corner, President Chamisa is surely destined for victory and it will be a new dawn for the people of Zimbabwe.

We have only known democracy as a common word on every politician’s mouth but come 2023 we will surely live the word.

Let’s not be deterred by ZEC’s shenanigans, let’s go out in numbers and register to vote,2023 we are sending ZANU PF to the political dustbins.

Proverbs 28vs 4 says ” those who forsake the law praise the wicked but those who keep the law resists them “. Let’s all come together and resist the wicked, god is on our side.

Ngaapinde hake Mukomana

Frank Mandebvu
MDC A activist
Chibi South .