RESPONSE: Chief Murinye Is Not A Man For The People, He Cannot Be Man Of The Year!
5 January 2022
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By Dudzai Mukondorongwe| There have been recent press and social media stories about Chief Murinye being voted the man of the year for 2021. This man was heard in an audio having a rant about corruption in Zanu of and how that was going to cost ED the next election. Some people have been calling him a hero and brave. I suppose the same people voted for him to be man of the year, because in reality this offends the common sense of Zimbabweans. This is a man heard on an audio declaring with his own lips that he supports Zanu pf, how can he be man of the year?

Some people are praising this chief for speaking out against corruption. But was he really doing that? And how can someone be taken seriously when they blame corruption in Zanu on anyone other than the President of Zimbabwe. He is the Chief Executive Office of the country, after all. He is the one with the power to stop corruption. He is also the one with the power to allow a culture of corruption. He is the alpha male whose name that all these corrupt Zanu officials use when they are stealing money. Most importantly he is the one who benefits from every big corruption scandal happening in Zimbabwe. He is the man that they all want to please, you can’t tell me he does not benefit from the corruption done by his minions.

There seems to be a trend in the people around Zanu – these are people who officially say they are not Zanu but are part and parcel of the party. These people go on these rants in audio form or on Twitter where they blame the people around ED for stealing and then charge/compliment him for being too nice and trusting of people. They even use the words ‘us’ when talking about Zanu and its prospects in the 2023 election. People need to watch out, we have been here before. We should stop this habit of welcoming people from Zanu in the people’s struggle. How many lessons do we want to learn before we wake up?  These men are not for the people!

When we say Zanu PF must go we should mean all of them including the ones kicked out of the party, and those  pretending to be local leaders.