Stop Rituals Disguised As Elections: NCA Party
8 January 2022
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By A Correspondent| Opposition National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Spokesperson Madock Chivasa has demanded that the 2023 elections be stopped until electoral reforms are instituted.

Posting on Facebook following the proclamation of by-election dates by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Chivasa said Zimbabwe should have real elections in 2023 not rituals as has become the norm.

Chivasa decried the fact that there are no meaningful reforms put in place despite the country being one year away from the next elections which are due in July 2023.

“Zimbabwe is now one year away from the general election legally due in 2023.If there is no meaningful electoral reform put in place then that election in 2023 must not be boycotted as I hear most stakeholders saying but it must be stopped. Zimbabwe must have a real election in 2023 not mere rituals mistaken for elections,” said Chivasa.

Meanwhile, the NCA is still to come up with a position on whether to participate in the by-elections.

NCA leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku told the state media that his party will meet over the weekend to deliberate on its position but seemed to suggest that they are ill-prepared financially with the major elections a year away.