Letter To Zambian Mayor Ms Chilando Chitangala- When A Neighbor’s House Is Burning You Don’t Rush And Pour Petrol.
11 January 2022
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Dear Ms Chilando Chitangala

Greetings to you in Jesus name!

I am responding to your declaration of war on Zimbabwean immigrants.

You are a person who hold such a powerful and influential position in the Zambian society.

I urge you to help Zimbabwean immigrants legal or illegal. These are men and women facing different problems. I encourage you to help them and even give them permits.

Zimbabweans and Zambians we have been good friends for long time. I urge you to maintain this spirit.

When a neighbor’s house is burning you don’t rush and pour petrol.

Zimbabweans are facing serious problems in their country I urge you to be compassion and assist needy people, men, women and children. Those who are selling in streets, these are poor and innocent people trying to earn living in a decent way.

Our Western brothers even Christians have turned against us.

Our love for God and compassion require us to do that. To love strangers not to terrorise them or put them in danger or incite hate against them.

We don’t want Zambia to be like South Africa which burn starving immigrants in streets.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was an immigrant in Egypt. The Bible openly speak against abuse of immigrants.

My Mayor I urge you to be sympathetic to problems of immigrants please let us not join sadists and evil doers who love to inflict pain instead of helping those in crisis.

For a long time I have been impressed by attitude and positiveness of Zambians. It will be embarrassing and pervasive if Zambia becomes a society that abuse immigrants. Especially Zimbabwean neighbors.

I have a dream, the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe shall soon come to an end. Zimbabweans shall return home.

Thank you for your kindness during difficult times like this..

Yours for poor Zimbabwean immigrants in Zambia.

Collen Makumbirofa