Zanu PF Man Instructs Police To Arrest MDC Alliance Official
13 January 2022
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Former MDC MP for Bikita West, Heya Shoko has been arrested for insulting a political opponent by calling his haircut zibhibho.

Heya Shoko

Shoko was arrested after slighting Charles Musimiki (Zanu PF) by telling him that his haircut was not for adults. He described Musimuki’s haircut as zibhibho (box cut) not to be donned by old people like him, according to information obtained by The Mirror.

Shoko is being charged for breaching the Post and Telecommunications Act after being reported to CID Law and Order in Masvingo by an offended Musimuki.

Shoko allegedly wrote in a WhatsApp group Bikita West 2018 & Beyond; “Iko murume mukuru anogerwa zibhibho here? (Is it proper for an old man to don box cut?)”.

Musimiki was an aspiring MP for MDC in Zaka West but is now Zanu PF, The Mirror was told.

A former teacher at Gwindingwi High School in Bikita, Musimiki is known for his political flip-flopping. He recently defected to Zanu PF for the second time amid pomp and fanfare at the Zanu PF headquarters.

He first crossed the floor to the ruling party in 2001. After his first defection Musimiki later skipped the country into neighbouring South Africa and was part of the group that formed the controversial MDC Veteran Activists Association (MDCVAA) which is not formally recognised by the party itself.

Shoko is denying ever insulting Musimiki but said he only disputed him on WhatsApp that he was one of the founding members of MDC. “I only told him that he was lying that he is one of the founding members of MDC while addressing Zanu PF rallies.

“We co-opted Musimiki into MDC way after it was formed and initiated that he contests in Zaka West representing people living with disabilities. He was never in MDC structures. Ask him if he was an MDC member at any given time.

“I was the provincial organising secretary for Masvingo and I know he was never in the structures. He was Zanu PF through and through, so I am surprised by the hullabaloo about the defection. That guy was never an MDC member. It’s not about the issue of Zibhibho, but he felt exposed,” said Shoko.

“Being a founding member or in MDC structures is neither here nor there, the bottom line is he insulted me on social media. Saying Zibhibho is a personal attack on me. I think the matter will be decided by the courts, so I have nothing more to comment on this issue,” said Musimiki.- Masvingo Mirror