Mahere Blasts Mwonzora
18 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere has blasted Mr Douglas Mwonzora for attempting to confuse the electorate by peddling falsehoods.

Mahere also described Mwonzora as a man with a “chameleon character.”

Mwonzora is shifting goalposts to please his handlers, according to political analysts.

  1. You said the MDCA was a party before the 2018 election
  2. After your 2020 judgment, you said the MDCA no longer existed cause the Alliance agreement had lapsed
  3. You recalled MPs for belonging to the MDCA
  4. Now you claim to be the MDCA!

Why do you lie so much?

Mwonzora responded :
“This God you talk about is not for you and your colleagues alone Fadzie. He is my God too. Fortunately He is a just God.”