2023 South African Gvt Stop Supporting Election Rigging In Zimbabwe!
26 January 2022
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By Collen Makumbirofa- South Africa must stop supporting dictators in neighbouring countries. Former President Mbeki has been supporting this idiot, the late Mugabe like nobody’s business.

Mugabe was destroying companies and farms and Mbeki was supporting him. The whole South African politicians were cheering at Mugabe yet he was destroying the economy and lives now it’s heavily impacting South Africa.

Millions of Zimbabweans are now in South Africa as economic and political refugees.

The current migration crisis we have in South Africa is a consequence of South African Government’s evil foreign policies.

Our South African brothers must stop harassing foreign refugees and put their politicians in order. They must not support election rigging in Zimbabwe. South Africa through SADC must not endorse rigged elections in Zimbabwe.

Support free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, support democracy and respect of human rights in Zimbabwe you will not have problems of Zimbabwean immigrants coming to South Africa.

In 2023 there is an election in Zimbabwe there is going to be more abductions, tortures, threats of Zimbabwean lives. More Zimbabwean refugees are coming to South Africa.