Just Dollarize, Chamisa Tells Govt
10 February 2022
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By Jane Mlambo| Opposition Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has told the government to dollarize saying the market is already dollarized.

Posting on Twitter Thursday morning, Chamisa said the government incentive measures to pay civil servants in United States dollars were too little to guarantee a decent wage.

“RESTORE WORKERS’ DIGNTY..Government incentive measures to partially pay civil servants in USD is too little to guarantee a decent wage. Pay full salaries in USD.Just fully dollarize. The market is now effectively dollarised. Our Citizens government will make workers happy again,” said Chamisa.

Early this week, government announced monetary and non-monetary measures aimed at improving the welfare of civil servants.

This followed a full blown strike by teachers on the opening day of the first term for 2022.

Government announced a 20 percent increase in civil servants salaries effective 1 January, an additional USD100 converted from their salary as well as non monetary benefits including payment of school fees for teachers’ children and importation of vehicles duty free among other incentives.

Teachers have however described the move as window dressing of their problem as they are demanding USD540 per month.