Zanu PF Using Puppets To Steal President Tsvangirai Legacy
14 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| The Citizens’ Coalition For Change has described the late iconic Movement for Democratic Change leader, President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as a champion of democracy in Zimbabwe and abroad.

President Tsvangirai succumbed to cancer on February 14, 2018.

In a statement Citizens’ Coalition For Change Namibia took a swipe at Zanu PF and its surrogates for attempting to steal President Tsvangirai’s legacy.

Full statement below:
Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia celebrates the revolutionary life of the doyen of democracy, Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

14 February 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia would like to take this opportunity to salute the iconic leadership of the late doyen of democracy Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai may his dear soul rest in power! “Your revolutionary trajectory shall continue to guide us in our fight against Zanupf Satanists and their surrogates”, Rundu Branch Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda echoes. The national democratic revolution shall never die, the organic and pragmatic leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa will accomplish your revolutionary dreams and aspirations in the Yellow Revolution.

Thank you for leading us commander! Your blood and sweat shall continue to inspire many in the citizens convergence to remove senseless and barefaced corruption. Today, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia is going to submit its worries to the pioneer of constitutional democracy pertaining how Zanupf and Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora have unsuccessfully tried to hijack the people’s project.

They have recalled alliance MPs illegally using Zanupf captured courts. Zanupf lite has taken the Morgan Tsvangirai house claiming that he is the main opposition leader. CCC Namibia appeals to you Save, continue fighting with us as usual.

Mwonzora and cabal are trying everything to spoil your revolutionary and fighting legacy. They have sold the national democratic struggle for three pieces of silver. On the 14th of February, I urge all social democrats across the globe to celebrate the extraordinary life lived by our icon of democracy Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Today is the day that we remember Save’s commitment and dedication to the change that delivers. The late President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai demonstrated consistency, varlour and mettle to fight Zanupf thugocrats braving torture, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and he also endured high levels of human butchery in 2002 and June 2008 where Mdc activists were butchered indiscriminately in cold blood.

Today, we are going to respect and honour your sacrifice to die in the hands of Zanupf for the emancipation of the citizens. Allow me Save to inform you about the formation of the New Baby, The Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC), change of symbol and colour. It is compulsory to confess that we didn’t transform our identity voluntarily but we were compelled to undergo metamorphosis in a bid to run away from masquerades who were now dinning and wining with Zanupf thugocrats hoodwinking the unsuspecting citizens as the genuine remnant of Save.

We are extremely sorry that we were forced to change our 1999 slogan and everything. Since you died, our founder of democracy in Zimbabwe, your people have suffered a lot under Zanupf using our erstwhile friends through captured courts to rob us of everything except ourselves. Save! , we allowed them to take everything except our political capital. We appreciate the vision, unity and strength of purpose you left in change seekers in our party. Citizens Coalition For Change is not a fight against what you established in 1999 but a continuation of the genuine revolution.

As your revolutionary soul rest in power, go on giving us the support in spirit against these counterfeit constitutionalists who are driven by their insatiable appetite for money. You never groomed us on the lines of stomach politics of self-enrichment but real independence that prioritises the citizens hence the presence of the new party. Believe you me Save, Citizens Coalition For Change led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is the only vehicle for socio-economic transformation. CCC is the only panacea to political and economic liberation of our people. Bless us SAVE!

You are forever our source of energy, enthusiasm and determination to prosecute the national democratic yellow revolution to its logical conclusion. Guide us our beloved political father so that we can convince our people to register 6 million voters for change who will vote in 2023 and defend the vote. The Yellow Machine is being oiled for complete socio-economic victory.

May your dear soul rest in power Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.






Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Dr Tsvangirai