Mavaza: The Secret Behind ZANU PF Success Revealed
16 February 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Revolutionary parties have been distinguished by a distinctive oraganizational form, a characteristic political ideology, and an intergral conception of membership..

Organizationally, the revolutionary party ZANU PF has practiced ‘democratic centalism and has maintained a people oriented rule. It has kept the values of humanity live. ZANU PF has always kept in mind the reason for going to war and it is live to the fact that the freedom of the masses of Zimbabwe was built by blood and sweat. To that extent ZANU PF takes the independence seriously and it guards it jealously. The structure of ZANU PF concentrates power to the people, subordination of all decisions by lower-ranking bodies to the will of central leaders has successfully managed internal opposition. Ideologically ZANU PF has been distinguished by adherence to Marxism–Leninism, according to which the working class can survive only by eliminating capitalism in alliance with small holders under communist leadership.

Ideology. Officially, ZANU–PF has a socialist ideology. The party maintains a Politburo and a Central Committee. However, the party’s ideology may be changing as Mnangagwa said that “all foreign investments will be safe in Zimbabwe” and calls for “increased production and capacity and new investment in the country.”
ZANU PF is a unifier and it is a product of a unity accord of 1987. The party was formed more than 50 years ago by nationalists who desired to bring about a socio economic and political dispensation that favoured the majority indigenous people. They were formed following decades of oppression by a minority white settler population that had colonized the country.
The fathers of the Zimbabwean revolution led people towards the attainment of independence and pursuit of an ideology that would bring about social justice, economic inclusion and a political voice. This then defines ZANU PF. It is these ideals which keep ZANU PF going.

Conceptually ZANU PF has defined its political identities by an all-or-nothing commitment to serve the people and to lead in a peaceful and humane manner. These traits reprise the development of ZANU PF, the original model, with whose STRENGTH most opposition parties have undergone servere decline.

What has kept ZANU PF together is its ideology and the commitment to freedom. An ideology is a set of beliefs about the proper order of society and how it can be achieved.”

An ideology is based on common understanding of fundamental issues, a common vision and a shared strategy on achieving of goals. ZANU PF is like fish and the people are the water the two cannot be separated.

When people have a common ideology they understand their challenges in the same way and they also believe in same remedies for the ills that afflict their society. They stay longer together than those who have no ideals ad or ideology.

An ideology therefore brings about social cohesion which is an ingredient for peace and development. We can safely say that ideology is what makes us,
This is what ZANU PF fought for. It then is not a surprise that ZANU OF takes the issues of power and governance personally and passionately. ZANU PF you and me have work to do.

Operating on that premises the revolutionary party ZANU PF which is people will resist people with retrogressive ideas be they from opposition or within. The party’s ideology represents a political moral code and worldview. ZANU PF is a revolutionary party whose target was to overturn the racist rule of the White minority and establish the people’s democratic power. As a ruling party it now defines new-democratic dispensation defining its tasks as controlling the state power and making the people masters of themselves. ZANU PF is the one which brought Independence and sovereignty it introduced one man one vote.

The independence of the country came after an arduous circuitous route along which thousands perished. It was a struggle to remove colonial subjugation a struggle to have the majority rule and have the people chose whom they want to lead.

ZANU PF is committed to ensure there will be no reversal of the gains of our hard fought independence. As a sovereign state Zimbabwe is answerable to God and no-one else..

The people of Zimbabwe must never allow any one who comes in any form or clout to threaten these values. That person or yellow colour or whatever form he comes in will be an enemy of our struggle.
ZANU PF now is in another struggle for Resource nationalism. The need to have control over the means of production which is at the heart of ZANU OF’s struggle.
Equitable distribution of resources and opportunities has led ED to bless devolution where resources are allowed to enrich their provinces first.
ZANU PF strive to ensure that wealth is spread as much as possible to the majority population. Despite social media The standard of living has improved greatly despite the sanctions that the nation is operating under.
Democracy is rule of the majority ZANU PF brought about democracy in Zimbabwe in 1980 and since then Zimbabwe has chosen its leaders.
Because of the ideology of the party ZANU PF has won elections and is still winning. It is clear that the word winning must have been created in the same factory with ZANU PF.
What has kept us this far is the democracy in the party. ZANU PF is for all not for individuals.
ZANU PF has established the Chitepo school of ideology for the protection of our culture and heritage.
One of the key tenets of our ideology is protection of the Zimbabwean culture and heritage.
ZANU PF has changed from a party that led the people in the struggle for seizing the state power to a long-term ruling party leading the people to control the state power; it has changed from a party that suffered external blockade and led the state building under a planned economic system to a party leading the state building under the conditions of opening up and developing a vibrant market economy. As a whole, in the new-democratic revolution period, ZANU PF as the ruling party is being punished by the external forces. They wish to wipe ZANU PF out politically, militarily, and even physically. Therefore the democracy, powers, and rights of the ZANU OF existed in no way under the system of the fascist dictatorship of Smith.
In order to lead the people of all colour and creed to topple down imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism, establish a new Zimbabwe and realize the revolutionary target of people’s democracy, ZANU PF used military, political, and other revolutionary forces to defeat the armed forces, smash state machines, and establish a democratically constituted authority.
After founding the Republic of Zimbabwe ZANU PF became the ruling party from a revolutionary party. The position and mission of the ruling party required and determined that, in the political field, ZANU PF must lead and support the people to establish the national political power, democratic system, and legal system under which the people are masters of the country. The ruling party does also guarantee that the people manage national affairs according to the law and embody people’s governance of the systems of the state and government. The ruling party embodies the unity of its advocates and the people’s will in constitution and law, the unity of state powers and people’s rights, and the unity of rule of law and democracy. In the economic field, ZANU PF is leading and supporting the people to control means of production, manage economic affairs in accordance with the law, and constantly release and develop productive forces. In so doing, it has created a rich material foundation and economic conditions for the people to enjoy a commonly prosperous and happy life, and fully exercise their democratic rights. In the social field, the ZANU PF has led. and supported the people to become masters of society, manage social affairs, enjoy social rights, undertake social obligations, and realize social autonomy of the people according to the law. The leadership of ZANU PF as the ruling party, the people’s democracy, and the rule of law are an organic unity. ZANU PF has always acted within the scope of the constitution and the law. It is committed to democratic and scientific governance by law. It takes a lead in enforcing and complying with the law and improving and developing the people’s democracy through various channels and forms such as the rule of law. It leads, supports, and guarantees the people’s role as masters of the country and obtains the power base and source and foundation of legitimacy continuously for its governance from its practices and development of the people’s democracy.
Under ZANU PF ZImbabwe remained one while opposition has broken into pieces. After riding a tsunami of support to re-election in 2018’s polls, the soft spoken ED is by far the most powerful Zimbabwean politician in a generation. He has reengaged and mended the bridges.
Despite the electric Charm ED has the party does not belong to an individual. ZANU PF is not for one person. It is for you and me.

Look for the ideology. Vote for a value, vote for life. Vote Zanu PF.

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