Police Block Football Team From Travelling To Ruwa Due To Fear Of President Chamisa
23 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Police on Sunday detained division one side FC Wangu Mazodze Football players and supporters as they were travelling to Ruwa for a fixture.

Police claimed the players and supporters were travelling to Harare to attend President Nelson Chamisa’s rally at Zimbabwe Grounds.

Team officials told reporters on Sunday their trip had nothing to do with politics.

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Wed 23 February 2022

FC Wangu Mazodze furastrated by police roadblocks on their way to Ruwa

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Masvingo’s local team of the moment FC Wangu Mazodze was on Sunday furastrated by the ZRP roadblocks on their way to Ruwa for a football game.

The first division soccer club had hired 3 Zupco buses to ferry its suppoters from Chiredzi,Renco,Ngundu and Masvingo.

The convoy also included 3 other private cars for officials. The marvelous and well organized trip was more of premier league team!! Thanks to Mr Wangu Mazodze for reviving the soccer sporting in Masvingo.

The club has become the darling of the province within a short period of time in first division.

It has brought about hope in Masvingo that we might soon be watching primier league in Masvingo Mucheke Stadium.

The fleet departed Masvingo around 8am only to arrive in Ruwa around past 3pm. The team was caught in the crossfire as the police were on a mission to block CCC yellow party members to go to their star rally in Highfield.

At every roadblock FC Wangu Mazodze was delayed for about 30minutes. It was worse at Chivhu where the team suppoters were delayed for nearly two hours. Clad in nice club regalia of blue red and white one could simply see that the 12th player ‘suppoters’ were indeed going for a game and not to a political rally.

The incident was very unfortunate and unfair if political battles would affect innocent soccer loving communities. The suppoters caught attention of the passers by as they bursted out in song and dance at the road block singing ‘ndezvebhora chete haiwa iwa ndezvebhora’.It took upon talks and discussions with the top cop in Chivhu to be released. Upon being freed to pass through the suppoters brough Harare to a standstill with song and waving nicely coloured flags.

One could be forced to drop down tears as they sang an emotional song on which the suppotters articulated the stumbling blocks they had faced along the way. They sang ‘…kunonoka chete ndanga ndichiuya…mapurisa chete anga achinetsa…’

The players were already in the pitch and demoralised. They played very well but suffered a defeat through a late goal from Ruwa. The flambouyants and well organised logistics attracted the Harare soccer fans who turned up their support to Fc Wangu Mazodze. The terraces had been painted red blue and white as local soccer fans were also now dressed in Wangu Mazodze gear.

The police clearance for the CCC rally had restricted bussing of supporters hence the crossfire. However the selective application of the law remains a question

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