Mnangagwa-Son-In-Law Accuses FIFA Of Protecting Sex Predators
26 February 2022
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Gerald Mlotshwa

State Media -The battle of wits between the Sports and Recreation Commission and the world football governing body, Fifa seems likely to be a long, bruising fight for football.
And that Fifa have banned Zifa from all football activities with immediate effect, does not appear to deter the Gerald Mlotshwa-led SRC’s battle to rid local football of Felton Kamambo and his board.

Fifa cited the violation of its Statutes, particularly Article 14 (Paragraph 1i) and Article 16 (Paragraph 1) after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the Zifa executive committee late last year.

Fifa secretary-general Fatma Samoura said the suspension will remain in force until the Kamambo-led board is allowed to return to office without any conditions and that the SRC should immediately repeal a number of decisions it had taken against Zifa and its officials.

However, Mlotshwa remains adamant in the face of the suspension, arguing that the SRC was acting in the interest of local football. The SRC supremo says the sports regulatory body was not moved by the suspension and will not act in accordance with the demands of the world governing body.

FIFA has banned Zimbabwean football from all international competitions for government interference in the running of the game after the SRC suspended the Zifa administration for several violations, chief among them failure to account for public funds.

Having threatened to sanction Zimbabwean football since December last year, Fifa finally did so and ordered that Kamambo and company be reinstated for the ban to be lifted a scenario Mlotshwa insists that will not happen.

The SRC statement reads: “Correspondence from FIFA, dated the 24th instant, addressed to the suspended ZIFA General Secretary purporting to suspend the Country’s national football association as a member of the FIFA ‘family’ is noted. In essence, it appears that FIFA is constrained by the provisions of its own statutes to protect certain of the undoubted sexual predators, fraudsters and corrupt administrators at the helm of football administration in Zimbabwe.

All this in the name of shielding ZIFA from, to quote FIFA in its letter “… undue interference from a third party”. It is a fact that some of these administrators are facing, inter alia, charges of sexual harassment, bribery, fraud and general corruption before Zimbabwe’s Courts. FIFA has the full details of these matters.”

“The instances of fraud and corruption within the corridors of ZIFA have also been brought to the attention of FIFA, who have placed on record their extreme reluctance to involve themselves in remedying this deplorable state of affairs,” the statemen continues.

“FIFA statutes are not a part of the laws of Zimbabwe. Conversely, ZIFA, and indeed all other national sports associations in the country, are subject to the laws of Zimbabwe. It is for this reason that they, and their respective constitutions, are registered with the SRC. FIFA recognizes ZIFA as the sole governing body for football administration in Zimbabwe by virtue of its registration with the SRC. It is on this basis that it is admitted as a member of the “FIFA Family” by FIFA. -Sunday Mail