Netone Reverses Price Raid
26 February 2022
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State Media-Netone has been forced to reverse its decision to review its data, voice and SMS bundle tariffs following an outcry by the public on different social media platforms.
The network operator had increased One Fi bundle prices by more than 600 percent with the highest bundle-80GB going for ZWL$99 000.


This saw an outcry on social media platforms with the public describing the new tariffs as exorbitant leading to the service provider issuing a statement acknowledging the feedback.

“In light of the recent tariff reviews, Netone would like to thank our valued customers for your feedback which is greatly appreciated and is of paramount importance to us. We are in the process of looking into all the concerns that you have raised and we will keep you posted on further development,” reads the statement.

A re-check by this reporter established that the network service provider has since reverted to its old tariffs which have the highest One Fi Extreme 80Gb priced at $15 000 while 10Gb was reverted to $6 500. -Sunday Mail