CCC Statement On Kwekwe Violence
28 February 2022
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YellowThread: Kwekwe

  1. Yellow citizens…
    Your movement moved its by-elections campaign program to the gold city of Kwekwe, after a massive program in Gokwe, which defied ZanuPF shenanigans.
  2. The Citizens’ Champion Advocate Nelson Chamisa was welcomed by over 30 thousand local yellow citizens. Due to lack of interest in self-flattery we do not bus supporters from other towns, to our event. Chamisa haaunganidzi vanhu. Vanhu vanounganira Chamisa.
  3. Kwekwe roared. The citizens were ecstatic. The Champion in chief President Chamisa came on stage & addressed 3 issues:

i. Introducing the new
ii. Highlighting the alternative agenda, to be fully articulated at our official launch
iii. Campaigning for our by-elections candidates for Mbizo & KK Central constituencies

  1. The smooth flow of the Citizen’s Rally was sadly disrupted by marauding ZanuPF youths welding machetes, stones, spears, stones & bottles, wearing their party regalia. An orgy of violence insured
  2. The intention of this lawlessness & violent disruption, was to bring the gathering to a premature end, and instill fear in the citizens who have dumped unproductive politics & turned yellow
  3. Whereas the Citizen’s Champion President resolutely returned on stage to continue addressing citizens who themselves declined being forced to dispersed, over 26 citizens with serious wounds have since been hospitalised while one sadly passed on.
  4. We applaud you Citizens and youths for fending off the perpetrators, as the violence could have been worse as well as the police who eventually moved in. At a party level, we organised urgent treatment of the injured, & continue monitoring their progress.
  5. We have on the strongest of terms, denounced the violence & demanded that authorities pursue this to its logical end. It’s becoming clear that the angels of darkness are implementing the threats by Chiwenga, to “squash us like mice”.

Sadly have lost an innocent soul [May his soul Rest In Peace]

  1. Fellow Citizens it will be prudent for all pro-democracy institutions; the church; law enforcement institutions; progressive Citizens, beyond party lines, to speak in one voice, against political violence.
  2. With no regret, ours is a desire to have progressive politics premised on competition for electoral support, on the benchmark of superior ideas & not superior weaponry.
  3. Fellow Africans Citizens in Zimbabwe have remained resolute. The movement of the Citizens remains clear on forging ahead. We have to no option but to carry on. If anything, the need to carry on is clearer now, more than ever. Be assured we the citizens will defeat this evil & lawlessness.
  4. United, no weapon will stop us. Its darker, but the sun will rise again, and we have to stick together. We are for peace. We abhore violence & lawlessness. Together!

For and on behalf of the oppressed Comrade Ostallos