“Zanu PF MP Candidate In Love Affair With Minors”
10 March 2022
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Dear Editor

Dangamvura Chikanga Constituency Zanu pf candidate Isau Mupfumi is allegedly having affairs with very young girls in Mutare.

One of the whistleblowers in Mutare Dangamvura wrote an anonymous report to sister Vee alleging that Isau Mupfumi is a sugar daddy.

Isau Mupfumi

“Hello sisi Vee, look at this Zanu pf thug and sugar daddy. Kudanana nemwana wrmuraini medu (he is having an affair with a little girl in our area) in Mutare Dangamvura. His name is Isau Mupfumi”, alerted a whistleblower.

Isau Mupfumi is contesting in Dangamvura Chikanga Constituency against Citizens Coalition for Change candidate Prosper Mutseyami who was recalled after a controversial judgement in favour of Douglas Mwonzora.

Hosia Chipanga is also in the race with some little known candidate for MDC Alliance.