By-elections Watch: CCC Targets Mwenezi East Constituency
17 March 2022
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14 March 2023


…from an eagle eye…


CCC bulldozes into Mwenezi east as By election campaign reaches its peak.

Mwenezians goes into ecstatic Song and Dance as a remarkable welcome for Change.

It was indeed an electric weekend on 12 and 14March as the National and Provincial Champions descended in Mwenezi east for hectic entertaining campaign program. National Women’s Champions leader Hon Mugidho, Ldr Matara and Ldr Rosiwitta Madzivire endured the hot conditions of Mwenezi all through the weekend. Provincial Champions Ldr Stemere,Mai Magomana,L Mapuranga,Mutubuki and T.Muswere amounted the offensive into vibe. The Mwenezi east CCC leadership and the contesting candidate Hon Mandizvidza were clear and no pushovers in the game as they directed through the pathways ,the hotspots and the mountains of the political ground of the constituency.

Fear out of intimidation by Zanu pf thugs ,some uniformed forces and some traditional leaders has always been the challenge in Mwenezi.

However from the observation people are ready for change and indeed show that they know whom can rescue them into Canaan ‘advocate Chamisa’. Around all townships and growth points reached wild ululation ,song and dance was the oder of the day as even war veterans and civil servants embraced the Yellow movement.

At Matibi Mission and shopping centre people went Into a wild cherry moment as drinkers left from their bars and residents joining the gear. The crowd could be heard shouting “Ngavapinde Hake Mukomana” as the vigil like moments went through the night within the curfew hours. Ward 2,3,4,5,13 and 18 were covered with many townships also engulfed by the Yellow Mwenezi wave namely Chimbudzi,Matibi,Murawi,Musaverima,Shazhaume,Sarahuru,Masvitsi,Mucheni among others.

Neshuro growth point stood to a halt as even hospital personal ,touts and general travellers took to their dancing shoes and some into the index finger waving in show of support.

The roadshow proceeded into the resettlement areas formerly used to be Zanu pf’s untouchable territory. However people showed that they now understand it better that Land is for Citizens and not Zanu pf hence no one should take it from them because of political affiliation.

One Zanu pf member a war veteran and businessman at Masvitsi shops threatened the CCC team from putting a poster at an electric pole claiming that it was his own property however he was resisted forthwith openly loud and clear. This instilled some villagers at the shops into dance without fear of victimization.

In Rutenga the atmosphere proved beyond reasonable doubt that they have done it before and they are going to finish it off again on 26march and 2023. However at all places reached, people cried out for regalia and for the president to come as they wished to see him live again in Mwenezi.

During the campaign travel tour to and from Mwenezi east the team also pulled a campaign trigger in Chivi South at Ngundu,Lundi,Chibi turn off to ganner support for Honourable Mhlolo who joined the show in Ngundu.

The stopovers were just so ecstatically powered by the loud far reaching PA system to the song of the moment,” Ngaapinde Hake” Mukomana. At Bhuka the urban vibe could be felt from mostly panners,makorokozas who boozed around Ldr Stemere car shouting that they wanted to see the People’s president Nelson Chamisa and also cried out for regalia.

Timoth Muswere is the Youth Change Champions Spokesperson for Masvingo Province