VP Karenyi-Kore Addresses Rally Despite Zanu PF Intimidation
17 March 2022
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17 March 2022

Wezhira Munya

Zanu PF members and unknown people in Mwenezi East intimidated Citizens Coalition for Change supporters. Due to fear , around 650 CCC supporters attended the rally.

There was also a heavy police presence around Rutenga Growth Point- the venue of the rally.

This also instilled fear into Mwenezi East CCC supporters.

“Some Zanu PF members threatened to take away farms and plots from anyone who dared to attend yesterday’s CCC rally.

Mwenezi East Constituency has many resettled farmers. In order to protect their land, CCC members failed to attend yesterday’s rally,” said one source who refused to be named.

Teachers and other civil servants who wanted to attend the rally were also threatened. One teacher from Rutenga area said, “l wanted to attend the rally, but some people using a white twin cab without number plates came at our school and informed us never to attend CCC rally or risk being transferred or get fired.”

Due to fear of exposing CCC members who attended yesterday’s rally, the media team decided not to spread rally pictures and video.

This was done to protect CCC supporters.

In 2002, 2008 and 2018, some houses of opposition supporters were burnt, some opposition supporters were killed, beaten and injured. These memories are still fresh in opposition supporters in Mwenezi East.

(However, on this article l have attached picture of VP Kore at Rutenga growth point with fearless CCC leaders)

Today, CCC has a rally at Sarahuru Growth Point in Mwenezi East. According to police rally clearance, the rally will start at 11am – 4pm.

In her rally address yesterday, VP Kore encouraged CCC members to vote for Mr Mandizvidza on 26th March 2022. She further encouraged people to be fearless in the face of Zanu PF intimidation. Hon Kore informed the audience, that President Chamisa has well defined economic policies that will change their lives for the best.

Under Zanu PF led government prices of goods and services have increased. For example, bread, fuel, school fees, rents prices are beyond the reach of many who are earning poor salaries. However, under President Chamisa , workers will be paid in us$.

After yesterday’s intimidation in Mwenezi East, following are some of the recommendations:

  1. The entire CCC Masvingo youth, women and main wing leadership should be in Mwenezi East mobilizing and encouraging supporters in Mwenezi East to vote for CCC. Masvingo CCC provincial leaders under Senator Marava’s administration should be in Mwenezi East. Zanu PF has deployed its top provincial leaders to work around the clock in Mwenezi East. Masvingo provincial leaders should emulate CCC National women assembly chair Mugidho, national members Ms Matara, Mrs Mandizvidza, provincial youth spokes Muswere , former Masvingo provincial chair Sitemere among others who are frequenting Mwenezi East campaigning.
  2. There is need for door to door campaigns. This will not expose CCC supporters. Rallies may expose CCC supporters to ruthless Zanu PF members.
  3. There is need for President Chamisa to hold Masvingo provincial mega rally in Mwenezi East. This will boast the confidence of supporters in Mwenezi East. It is my view that Masvingo Provincial rally should be held in areas where Zanu PF claims control. Opposition for the first time since 1980, won Rutenga council seat in 2018 after President Chamisa held his first rally at Rutenga business centre. Therefore, Mwenezi East can be won if President Chamisa holds mega rally in Rutenga. Zanu PF president Mnangagwa has held 2 rallies in Rutenga.
  4. If CCC supporters in Mwenezi are afraid to attend rallies because of fear of intimidation , it means they will be afraid to be election agents. Therefore, there is need to recruit CCC fearless election agents from Masvingo urban, Chiredzi urban, South Africa and other areas. This gives voters confidence that their votes will be protected. In 2018, Masvingo MDC Alliance failed to field election agents in some polling stations in Mwenezi East. This helped Zanu PF to rig elections.
  5. There is need for campaign vehicles. Mwenezi East is very big. Zanu PF has many vehicles being used in Mwenezi East during this campaign. CCC needs many car rallies in Mwenezi East, because people are afraid to attend rallies.
  6. Campaign posters, food for agents, fliers and other campaign materials. CCC Posters in Mwenezi East are being torn or removed by unknown people.
  7. There is need for secretary for rural mobilization hon Chidziva , national organising secretary hon Chibaya, deputy organising secretary Morgan Ncube, national youth leadership to come to Mwenezi East before the by-elections.