Comic Pastor Speaks On Madzibaba Veshanduko Arrest
19 March 2022
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By A Correspondent| Top comedian Prosper Ngomashi popularly known as Comic Pastor has condemned the brutalisation of opposition Citizens Coalition for Change supporter Madzibaba veShanduko by the police following his arrest in Harare yesterday.

Comic Pastor said such acts of brutality only serves to take the nation backward as it pushes a narrative that politics is dirty.

“There are two people that I believed made Politics more interesting and enjoyable 1) Chief Shumba Hwenje (Zanu Pf) And this guy here 2)Madzibaba veShanduko (CCC)Those are the people we could use as Brand ambassadors for Peace and clean politics but it’s true politics is a dirt game Are we not going back as a nation?Kana zvadai zvashata,” said Comic Pastor.

Madzibaba veshanduko was arrested by the police in Harare CBD and detained at Harare Central Police station.

He was heavily brutalised by the police sustaining serious injuries in the process.

His only crime was putting on his traditional yellow garment, a regalia that has become synonymous with him at most CCC rallies countrywide.