Attempt To Intimidate The President Of Zimbabwe: Mavaza
21 March 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | As usual the social media was awash with a very false analysis of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. An article stated that
“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lost the support of some of his key allies including Local Government minister July Moyo who have stood with him throughout his political rise but are now being sidelined in favour of new faces.

Observers say the Zanu-PF leader may find himself isolated as fresh fights for the party leadership take centre stage ahead of the December congress.”
Firstly the congress is in October not in December. However we have noticed that the article is one of those articles used to seek relevance of some few people. In this case I will mention the names because they have been mentioned by the article.
The writer of the article went on to say
“Mnangagwa and his ambitious deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, are embroiled in a fight for the control of the party ahead of the congress and subsequently the 2023 elections and, in that race, the grassroots have been deeply divided and are at war.”
There is no fight in the presidium and president Mnangagwa has a constitutional right to stand again in 2023.
The writer is not telling the truth his writing is a paid piece of work to give relevance to the few people. The minister of Local Government did not in any way assist President Mnangagwa to ascend to the throne. This assertion that July Moyo played a great role is not true. Minister July Moyo only entered active Politics in 2001. Before then he was a civil Servant but became the Governor of Midlands Province after the death of Colonel Herbert Malhaba. His appointment to the governorship was made possible by the recommendation of President Mnangagwa who was a mister at that time. Minister July Moyo
was nowhere near the Sheraton conference centre in 1999 when the late John Nkomo was elected as Chairman of ZANU-PF neither did he actively campaign for ED to be voted into that post.
Cde July Moyo is actually the one who rose on the back of President Mnangagwa not the other way round.
There plenty information on proper details on who were some of the participants in promoting the idea that ED takes over the Chairman’s post from Hon Msika who had been elavated to the post of Vice president.
It is very clear that minister July Moyo or whoever was the author of that shameless article is plotting a comeback and consolidation. He is aware what awaits July Moyo and he pens down an article trying to give relevance to cde July Moyo.
The people who stood up for Mnangagwa when it was necessary some of them have been sidelined or forgotten. July Moyo must remember that there was a lot of people who were expelled from ZANU PF including minister Muchinguri,Honourable Chris Mutsvangwa, Honourable Kembo Mohadi and a lot more. July Moyo was not in the list of those fired or those to be arrested.
There was a list of people who were meant to arrested on sight and were only saved by the intervention of the army. July Moyo’s name was mot there.

We have people who confronted president Mugabe trying to convince him to change his attitude on ED. We have cde ID Tizora who was insulted by the then first lady and accused of being a Lacoste. Tizora was told off and he was meant to be fired when minister Chombo told the then president that Tizora was a Mnangagwa person. For his efforts and fighting for ED Tizora was labelled G40 and was removed from state house.

The president ED was fed wrong information and many people who stood for the new dispensation were sidelined because minister July Moyo and the former minister of state security fed the president with lies.
Therefore the article is not true and it meant to intimidate the president to keep minister Moyo in the office and to bring back Muda Ncube to government.
It should be known that Muda Ncube indeed is a faithful party cadre.
He loved president Mugabe with all his heart. He was actually called Muda Mugabe. The one who loves Mugabe. He only publicly showed his love for ED after the 2017 restore legacy. We should understand that Mugabe was our leader and even unto his death we the Zimbabweans cherished and loved him.
It is clear that there are people who want to hold the president at ransom by asking him not to grow and remain glued to the old friends. A threat and intimidation to the president does not work. The president is seen as though he has left behind those he used to be with before he was the president. This is an analysis which is wrong and shows a sense of ant growth.
In leadership it is known that leadership expires and it is not vested in one person forever. A leader to day will not be the same leader years later. What gave him status at his time seizes. The idea that those who were important to you should remain your friends is wrong.
Leadership has an expiry date and during the times of leadership one makes friends and drop some. Friends come and go from primary to university we have different class of friends. The process of growing has its own class of friends.

The friends you meet at the creche will change when you go to grade 1. They keep changing as you go to another class. This creates peer ship. Every stage has its own class of friends.
For someone to think that the president is threatened by missing of some names or by not counting on old friends is not true. It is unfounded threat which lakes critical thinking and research. We must remember that Life and processes of life are not static. They evolve and every stage of human development has its necessities and those that can help to achieve those necessities.
The analysis in the article intimidating the president is done by one who has overstayed his welcome.

The writer of the false article brings in the Tsholotsho and Dingane debacle.
The Tsholotsho and Dingane project failed because of the class of people involved. So it is not sensible to say because you were part of the failed plot so you must be always remembered. The fight against the G40 was not an individual fight. It was a fight for change for the good of the citizens and the party. Yes there are those who believe that they are owes a lot by the president. This is a wrong attitude and must not be encouraged. We must as-well remember that those who championed the new dispensation were a new team.
We can not survive on assumptions.

It is unreasonable for any one to threaten the president because he feels his position is no longer safe. The president can not keep himself glued to a small kit of people he met during the war. It is reasonable that the president move away from those people and create a new team because the times have changed.
It is not true that he is getting away with those who helped him to be where he is. We have people who want yo hold the president at ransom. So the minister who was never fired by Mugabe was a loyal to Mugabe can not be accused of being G40.
The rumours that President Mnangagwa is now without key loyalists who stood with him in successive fights, including Moyo and  former State Security minister Owen Ncube, among others are nothing but an attempt to hold the president at ransom.
It is wrong to say cde July Moyo was the pillar of ED’s rise to power. There are many people who stood up and fought for the new dispensation.

Zimbabwe did not stand for an individual but for positive reformation of the party. It was never about one person but the party.
The president can not remain glued to one set of friends. The president does not use his office to lift his friends up the ladder of power.
We must realise that the president works with people because he has trust in them. Some of the people who work with him if he had a way he would have thrown them away.
Surely if people work for the country so that they can get a position the country will have no purpose. We must learn to work for the country not for a reward.

The article then must not be taken serious. We all move on we have not kept the same persons as friends since grade one. We have moved on and we must move on.
No one must claim that they have worked hard for ED. Thats not true. Many Zimbabweans have worked hard to change the system.
Shame on those who seek a reward for their part in having the new dispensation in motion. All what was sone was for Zimbabwe. Those who suffered for ED received no reward. But those who were hiding behind their wives now come up and claim the front seats.
Zimbabwe needs you and you must come and work for zimbabwe.

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