Implications Of Robert Mugabe Return
25 March 2022
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By Lenin Ndebele

Robert Mugabe Junior is on his way into the party….certainly one faction in the party is dead worried about this. It might get worse one day when Bona throws in her hat.

One thing certain within Zanu PF is that no one is bigger than the party. A friend told me “If you wanna fight against or for Zanu PF as a member or former member, be as close to it as you can be.”
Kasukuwere is busy on the parameter fence, he says one thing today and the other tomorrow. But the one constant is that “he’s plotting a comeback.”

So the Robert Mugabe junior issue must be a cause of concern for the leadership. A man’s father dies in misery after you take away power from him and then think he’s gonna be fine sitting with you on the same table?

This could be one of many things to surprise us before the Zanu PF elective congress at the end of 2023.
Zanu PF is a tricky beast. It’s proven in the past that it goes beyond personalities.

Ndabaningile Sithole the founder was pushed out it survived.
Hebert Chitepo was assassinated in 1975 it lived on.

The late Edgar “Two Boy” Tekere the second and LAST Secretary-General was frustrated left to form ZUM, it lived and he came back in 2006 and was told “You will not exercise your right to be elected to any office in the party for five years. You will be required to uphold all the duties of a member listed in Article 3, Section 18 of the amended Zanu PF constitution” he left again.

At one time Joice Mujuru was a key player in the party, she left and the beat went on.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired, nothing stopped the party from evolving, and finally, it went for the head of the Tormentor In Chief Robert Mugabe.

All along, it seemed like Bob was really in charge of his Wailers until a “Peter Tosh” decided to take him out. This led to a big Generation 40 casualty but the G40 chaps too are equally capable and probably as the youngest bloc understand that in history “Zanu evolves” and hence they are still in the game.

Robert Junior’s arrival can be interpreted in many ways from protecting his family wealth to finding his own footing but the most interesting take is what his closeness to power now means for Zanu PF and its factional evolution.

The MDC died with Tsvangirai.

That shows you how much of an institution Zanu PF is despite many leadership coups and twists. CCC should translate their euphoric movement into a strong institution and that will easily make sure Zanu PF is kept away from power for many more years to come.