Transform Zimbabwe Statement On By-elections
27 March 2022
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For Immediate Release
As Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) we urge all registered citizens in respective constituencies to
On 26 March 2022, the nation goes for a mini general election with 28 by elections being held
exercise their democratic right in participating in these elections. We encourage them to chose
their leaders of choice without fear or intimidation.
We implore on ZEC and ZRP to exercise utmost professionalism in their administration of
across the country.
campaigning and electoral issues in a partisan manner.
their democratic rights.
all constituencies. A case in point is a presiding officer at Mhari Primary School in Highfields
It is with much sadness that we are witnessing alleged ZEC sanctioned rigging with in almost
In Kwekwe, polling stations are reportedly appearing in bushes away from residential areas!
these elections. Of late, these two have acted as extensions of ZANU PF by handling
Let’spull together.
ZEC must come out clean on these issues, or else the whole exercise is a farce.
This justifies our continued calls for electoral reforms and the disbanding of ZEC in its current
agents. This is in direct breach of Sec 51 of the Electoral Act!
who was ALLEGEDELY caught tampering with ballot papers in the absence of candidates and
form. We encourage citizens never to vote for a system that does not promote the exercise of
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