Rural Teachers Plead With Mthuli Over Salaries
29 March 2022
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Teachers under the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) have demanded a $8,4 billion total salary bill for 141 000 educators per month from the Government.

ARTUZ wrote a letter dated March 21 to the Minister of Finance and Economic  Development making the demands.

ARTUZ Secretary General Robson Chere said the government has not yet fulfilled its promises on the agreed course of fees payment to teachers’ children. 

He said it is sad to note that the above mentioned  benefits were supposed to be effective from 1 March 2022 and the fruits of this initiative are still yet to be  celebrated.

In relation to the above matter, we are kindly making a request for funds from the treasury for 141 000 teachers for $60, 000 each, kindly advise to use SSB as a method of payment to deposit in individual teachers accounts,” he said.

This came following massive teachers strikes that took place when the schools opened for the first term in which the educators cited incapacitation.

The government had to promise civil servants 20% salary increase on the Zimbabwe dollar component backdated to January 1, US$100 per month in hard currency effective March 1 in addition to the US$75 they were getting.

It also promised to pay fees for three teacher’s biological children.