Black South Africans Seek Asylum In Zimbabwe | RETROSPECT
9 April 2022
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Under Apartheid, South African black people border jumped and flocked to Zimbabwe in their numbers as social, economic and political refugees running away from the evil Apartheid regime. They did not have any legal papers on or with them, whatsoever!!! Not even a Dome Pass! But we did not treat them as illegal, undocumented, law breaking immigrants!

As fellow black African brothers and sisters, we understood their situation, took them in, and gave them legal documents which did not only allow them to stay indefinitely in our country, but also allowed them to move to other countries. Thabo Mbeki and his Brother Moletsi are some of them! But today, what are our South African black brothers doing to similar social, economic and political refugees from Zimbabwe? They are killing them for allegedly being illegal and undocumented immigrants!!! In the name of our Good Lord God, the Almigthy, the Omnipotent, Ominipresent and the Omniscient, I pray, Amen! – Dr Cleopas Chitapa