‘Gun Pointed At VP Chiwenga Maid’
24 April 2022
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– Even if a gun is pointed at you, do not unbundle this story.

– Marry Chiwenga’s maid exposed for lying about alleged crime that got VP’s ex wife convicted.

VP Constantino Chiwenga’s wife’s maid, Nyarai Bwanya was telephoned on Saturday morning and was engaged under subterfuge for 9.26min over the allegations she 2 weeks ago got Marry convicted despite witness evidence from Zimbabwe’s Judge President and Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi clearing Marry of the alleged offence of marriage fraud.

We rarely do this, to deploy methods such as subterfuge for journalistic research, and we do it in cases of serious or high profile crime to save human life.

Nyarai Bwanya spoke to ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza, and below was a brief except.

Nyarai Bwanya: Why would I go back? why would I go back?
Simba Chikanza: Because if you just speak, Right now he was speaking this morning saying if Nyari makes the mistake of speaking, you will immediately mess up, you’ll mess up the VP.

Nyarai Bwanya: I am swearing before you.

Simba Chikanza: You’re not the one who said this?

Nyarai Bwanya: I did not speak at all, If you were to go to Econet or wherever, to fi d out who I am said to have spoken with, never.

I am actually being pained by whats coming out that she is doing this and doing that. It pains me. The only person I am able to speak with is Memo, you do know her, right?

Simba Chikanza: Yes

Nyarai Bwanya: Hello

Simba Chikanza: She is the only person you spoke with?

Nyarai Bwanya: I was actually speaking with her saying, Memo, this thing that’s happening, its not fair.

Simba Chikanza: Yes, Because you really mess him up you will mess up the vice president. Let me send you his phone numbers right now. Inspect all the phone numbers that call you.

Nyarai Bwanya: Alright.

Simba Chikanza: Do not say do not say any other thing.

Nyarai Bwanya: Ehe.

Simba Chikanza: Keep this story hidden, do not unbundle it.

Nyarai Bwanya: Ehe

Simba Chikanza: Stick to what you said in court what you what you said they must remain the only thing that is known.

Nyarai Bwanya: Ehe.

Simba Chikanza: Do not put the VP in trouble.

Nyarai Bwanya: sigh.

Simba Chikanza: One day in the future he is the one who is going to lead this country.

Nyarai Bwanya: Amen.

Simba Chikanza: I beg you, I beg you, Nyari.

Nyarai Bwanya: HEAVY SOUND, eeeh, yah!

Simba Chikanza: Do not reveal, do not reveal this truth. Do not even dare, even if a gun is pointed at you.

Nyarai Bwanya: Sir, the only thing I shall say is the truth that I will just say is the truth.

Simba Chikanza: What you said in court is what you stick to isn’t it? Just what you said in court isn’t it? That’s all you’ll stick to. Even if a gun is pointed at you, do not unbundle this story.

Nyarai Bwanya: You said

Simba Chikanza: Do not unbundle this story, Nyari. Because if it is just discovered, that you’re the one who said it, you know it well what happens in this country. If it is just discovered that you have brought out that truth. Hey! Nyari.

Nyarai Bwanya: Give me his (VP) number

Check in your WhatsApp in your phone right now. Isnt it?

Nyarai Bwanya: Okay. Ehe.

Simba Chikanza: Nyari, Nyari, Nyari, Nyari.

Nyarai Bwanya: Yes Sir.

Simba Chikanza: What you did to Marry(SHONA). What you did to Marry (ENGLISH), yeah, that was illegal, that was criminal, do you realise? My name is Simba Chikanza. Nyari I have got you here on record, you’re live right now, You are live right now and you have just confirmed You have just confirmed I’ve got your number right now,

Nyarai Bwanya: There is nothing that I said, there is nothing I’ve said.

Simba Chikanza: I’ve got it advertised I’ve got the whole world here, okay? The whole world can see your number. Okay? So quickly, our viewers, readers and listeners this is Nyarai Bwanya, who trapped Marry Chiwenga by lying that she …..VIDEO