Mavaza Writes: Hopewell Chin’ono ‘s Explosive Sunday Mail Article
27 April 2022
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…Hopewell Chin’ono, at the time of writing his article to the Sunday Mail, had rational views about US led sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe…

By Dr Masimba Mavaza| Zimbabweans have seen a crop of people who stand and pledge to soil their country. We have seen people who are so dedicated to make Zimbabwe look evil in the eyes of the world.

Dr Masimba Mavaza

But on the top of the list of such subversive and treasonous acts comes Mr Hopwell Chin’ono who knows no other words but to vilify and insult Zimbabwe.

Hopewell has a vendetta against Zimbabwe and he actually dares the police to arrest him so that he gets some form of recognition where he will be portrayed like a hero.

In a way best described as treason, Hopewell vomited profane and perverted utterances against Zimbabwe. He did this to please his handlers and he knew his lies would earn him a cell in a jail. When he arrived home behaving like a witch who was caught during a session Hope was quiet, his tail between his legs, his tongue a bit taimed. He expected to be arrested or something bad happen after his rant, but he has been ignored and his handlers are in a quagmire. They don’t know how to react after Zimbabwe decided not to arrest this fork tongued journalist.

In a rare positive but real point, Dr Mzembi on Twitter said, “By the way I forgot to complement GVT of @edmnangagwa for showing extraordinary maturity over the prompting that was being done on these streets by some overzealous lot to arrest @daddyhope upon his return from an overseas trip . This is as it should be!”
Zimbabwe having a fair share of lunatics one fella and a known hooligan, Job Sikhala responded to Mzembi’s Twitter by saying “they aborted it not voluntarily, but the world clearly warned them not to cross that path. Don’t forget @daddyhope was at a UN organ summit. They were clearly told not to persecute him for exercising his right to speech at an international platform. These people are damn evil.”

One can obviously see that the bitterness in Job Sikhala’s tweet is as a result of a disappointment that the government did not waste time on a dare devil who dares the enforcement system to execute the law.

On the whole, it’s clear, that Hopeell Chin’onos sale by date is nigh.His behaviour has shown that he is schizophrenic and a mercenary, no principle!

In the past few years Mr Hopwell Chin’ono has been, with some measure of success in the eyes of the fickle and frail minded, succeded in re-enacting and modelling himself as a symbol of light in Zimbabwe’s politico-media arena.

Mr Chin’ono has intensely manufactured and branded his hitherto uninspiring image not just as a so- called campainer and advocate for human rights but also as “a martyr of incredible valour.”

Mr HC has, to the guilliable, been able to achieve this grafted and most unnatural image of himself through greed, self interest and above all through a vengeful spirit.
Chin’ono had tried to be given a very high post by the government of Zimbabwe. This he was doing so that he becomes a planted agent of the enemies of Zimbabwe.

In 2017 Hopewell Chin’ono tweeted in response to the late Dewa Mavhinga. “I am still shocked that there are Zimbabweans who are not political enough to know and understand that sanctions against Zimbabwe will not affect Emmerson Mnangagwa but their mothers and fathers in the townships and villages scattered around the country.
When a government is denied a line of credit and falls to raise foreign currency to import fuel it is ordinary Zimbabweans-that will sleep in fuel queues not Emerson Mnangagwa.

We are currently for diaspora’s bite to be granted so that our compatriots abroad can exercise their rights to vote. How do you expect a sitting president not allowed to go and campaign in the diaspora due to Zidera sanctions to grant that right.

I just couldn’t wrap my head aroundDewa Mavhinga’s request to the US government to retain the current foreign policy around Zimbabwe a foreign policy which is anchored on the The Zimbabwe Democracy and
Economic Recovery Act of 2001 which has punitive economic sanctions against Zimbabwe.
Dewa Mavhinga said and asked the US government to, and I quote him; “Maintain
existing US policy toward Zimbabwe until the
military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be
peaceful, transparent, free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.”

All the things he spoke of have been overridden by his request to maintain a foreign policy
which includes sanctions on Zimbabwe.

I would understand if Mr Biti and his gang had said that they had engaged the Zimbabwean
government and that the new President and his government did not respond positively.
They haven’t even engaged the new administration whose ministers have only been
in office for exactly eight working days.”

Hopewell at this time he was seeing sense or was he. Immediately after this Hopewell Chin’ono attacked the late Dewa Mavhinga a USA funded activist made to spread negativity about Zimbabwe. After this attack on Dewa, Hopewell approached the second highest office in the Republic promising to shed more light on how treacherous people like Biti and Chamisa were. The appointment was approved since every public office in the new dispensation government operates on *Open door policy mantra.

It’s at this meeting when he begged for a high post position at ZBC or Zimpapers. The answer he got was more or less similar to some morning dew chiefly because there was a need for security check on the persona of Hopewell Chin’ono. Resultantly, Hopewell failed the test. He took no time before he started to join hands with the same people he once had described as enemies of the State.

So it is clear that Hopwell Chin’ono is not only a liar but a bitter unpatriotic evil person and a witch among us.

Now if someone enters in the public arena and makes a living by scandalising his country and others he triggers people to scrutinise him. He has elected himself as a man of integrity and a moral giant fighting for Human Rights. He has elected himself as a freedom fighter.
If you scratch under the skin you will find out this is self interest and vindictiveness. It does not matter if he is telling the truth or not. The truth which is forged for a wrong motive is worse than the Lies. Hopewell’s truth is curved out of vindictiveness and bitterness.

Many would be acquainted with Mr Hopewell Chin’ono’s virulent criticism of the government of Zimbabwe of the new dispensation. Some will also be acquainted with his instiable appetite for cohabitating with the detractors of our country, particularly the West.

The natural product of his illicit relationship with the West is not only that he has become their distinct yoyo and mouthpiece but that more worryingly that he has trumpled over principle and patriotism to reach out to the funding of his handlers.

Mr HC is earning a livelihood by attacking not only the institutions of our country and some of its finest citizens but by also attacking the credibility of their characters, their programmes and their motivation.

While some may be hoondwicked or even convinced by Mr HC’s narratives and seducing antics, it is fair to let the nation see who he really is and what his motivations are.

Chin’ono is best described by who he is not, than the opposite. He is not a democrat. He is not a fighter for human rights. He is not even concerned about ordinary Zimbabweans. As a matter of fact he does not even believe an ounce of what he says and writes about Zanu PF or its leaders. In fact Hopeless Chin’ono is a man of no principled conviction. In the core of his character, behaviours and actions must be discerned a vile sense of greed and most unnatural selfishness. I would take three fundamental aspects of his commentary and purported convictions that graphically illustrate his breath-taking hypocrisy.

1. Commentary on foreign Issues:
On 13 December 2017 Mr HC wrote an article which was published by the Sunday May. He made the following remark on the the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the USA and the EU: “When a government is denied a line of credit and fails to raise foreign exhange to buy fuel, it is the ordinary citizens that sleep in fuel quees, not Emmerson Mnangagwa”.

In the same article and refering to Mr Dewa Mavinga ( an incorrigible and shameless US mouthpiece himself) stated: ” I just couldn’t wrap my head around Dewa Mavinga’s request for the US government to retain its current foreign policy around Zimbabwe…”.

Hopewell Chin’ono is a fairly intelligent man. His ideas on foreign and domestic policy were clear and logical when he wrote this article. He is at a remote place now, from where he was then. His grand departure from his previous position is only explicable on the basis of a most deplorable gymnastic and shattering hypocrisy.

Mr Hopewell Chin’ono, at the time of writing his article to the Sunday Mail, had rational views about US led sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe. He needs to explain himself to the Zimbabweans as to why and how the beautiful butterfly degenerated into an ugly caterpillar.

Hopewell had similarly rational and progressive views on domestic policy. For example, on the diaspora vote he wrote, in the same article “….how do you expect a sitting president not allowed to go and campaign in the disspora due to ZIDERA sanctions to grant that vote?”

Mr Chin’ono had unsparing and sharp views about the opposition. In the same article he appropriately becried “Biti and his gang” ‘s failure to engage the government of Zimbabwe in rushing to denigrate the country in the USA.

Clearly Hopewell knows and appreciates the values and virtues of engagement and collaboration which he touted in that article. Today Mr Chin’ono is the very opposite of an engager. He is an agitator.

Seemingly Mr Chin’ono has undergone transformation. In practice he is the same old selfish schemer. The article he wrote and the views he expressed, although logical and sane, were not driven by patriotism or by any decency at all. Mr Chin’ono designed and penned the article purely as a bait for a job at The Herald or ZBC. Therefore the Twitt was an insencere act in auditioning.

Soon after the publication of the article by the Sunday Mail, Mr HC approached the authorities for a job at The Herald . While the usual pre-employment checks were being conducted, Mr HC either took fright or he lost patience and abondoned his quest. There and then his old pretentious life ceased and a new feigned life commenced.

Mr HC’s new forms of hypocricy and insincerity are underpinned by a clear and profound spirit of vengenance against Zanu PF and against the government following his failure to get an automatic job at The Herald. The man has a childish sense of entitlement and he handles himself as if the country owes him a living.

Furthermore, in much the same way MrChin’ono tried to prostitute himself to Zanu PF for a position, he has found himself a home in the bed of Zimbabwe ‘s detractors where he is prostituting himself for fame and fortune.

The nation, therefore, must see Mr Hopewell Chin’ono for the man he is: a mercenary who will shamelessly make U turns while castibg himself as a valiant sacrifice.

It is a shame that we have many Zimbabweans who have been fooled by Hopewell Chin’ono the man who has destroyed people’s lives by his lying. The man who is not ashamed at all for plunging Zimbabwe in sanctions while he is paid thousands for demonising Zimbabwe.

But Chin’ono must remember that Zimbabwe is quenched in the blood of those who loved and died for it. Zimbabwe will never be defeated by a bunch if traitors posing as journalists or maybe pretending to be politicians.

Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world so we must defend it with the last drop of our blood.

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