Masvingo’s “Prophet” Rushiri Exposed After Anointing Lady During S*x
29 April 2022
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Own Correspondent


Another married lady is accusing a well-known conman who calls himself Prophet Rushiri of having sex with her after lying that she would be anointed during the act.

The lady says she is being threatened with death if she tells anyone about her affair with the conman.

This year alone more than 30 married ladies have accused Rushiri of having sex with them and destroying their marriages.

The conman was firstly ashamed after he slept with the wife of one Masvingo man who was helping him with his Funcago car.

The thief in white clothes decided to take both the car and the wife.

“I agreed to have sex with him because he said I would be anointed. As you know that Prophet Rushiri is known deceiving people through fake miracles.

I tried to apologise to my hubby but he refused saying I must get cured of the STI that I got from prophet first, I feel for my kids and I want God to punish Rushiri,” said one lady who was Rushiri’s follower.

‘The man is sleeping with every lady, it’s now not safe for our kids and wives to go to Rushiri’s sex house which he makes it looks like a church,” added one angry Masvingo man.