CCC Members Attend May Day Celebrations
2 May 2022
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President Chamisa’s Masvingo CCC party members attend May workers day in Mucheke hall.

As President Chamisa attends Workers’ day in Harare

As Masvingo Zanu PF snubs Masvingo workers day celebrations.

1 May 2022

Wezhira Munya

Today, it’s workers day. Masvingo urban workers congregate at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo.

Masvingo urban Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members obeyed President Chamisa’s call to attend workers’ day today. CCC members in Masvingo attended today’s workers’ day.

Masvingo CCC urban organiser Mr Mapope gave solidarity speech at ZCTU workers’ day at Mucheke Hall.

Mr Peace Mapope said, “Under President Chamisa’s leadership workers will be paid a minimum salary of $540us. He further , urged Zanu PF to arrest inflation and the increase of prices of goods and services. Workers’ salaries are nolonger meeting the needs of the workers.”

Citizens Coalitions for Change under President Chamisa values ZCTU and workers in general. CCC as a party has its roots in workers, students, vendors among others.

Mrs Hlanga Masvingo ZCTU member sang the song titled “Mushandi Shinga” at today’s workers celebrations. This song was encouraging workers to stand firm in midst of problems and fight for their rights.

The guest of honour at Masvingo celebrations was ZCTU Mr Runesu Dzimiri, who is the first national deputy secretary general and he is also general secretary of food federation and allied workers union.

Mr Dzimiri chronicled the history of ZCTU and he also cried the death of economy and the low salaries. He informed the workers that ZCTU is fighting for the welfare of workers. He urged the government, campanies and other organisations to pay workers $540us as minimum wage.

Mr Dzimiri also read the message from ZCTU president Mrs Forence Taruvinga. In her speech president Taruvinga said workers are suffering in poverty as the economy has dollarise. She also said, the increase of fuel , bread and other goods have negative affected the workers. There is an urgent need to pay workers in us$.

Masvingo CCC urban ward 3 newly elected councillor Mr Rocky Kamuzondo also attended Masvingo ZCTU celebrations.

Councillor Rocky Kamuzondo was given an opportunity to give solidarity speech at today’s workers’ day.

Councillor Kamuzondo said, “I am from President Nelson Chamisa’s deployee in Masvingo urban council serving the interest of workers, vendors, students, residents among others. Workers salaries are low. There is need to increase salaries. As a council we promise to give you quality water and other services.”

Masvingo Zanu PF as a party and Masvingo Minister of Provincial Affairs and Devolutions were invited by ZCTU to attend workers’ today but they snubbed the celebrations. Government under Zanu PF has been blamed for destroying the Zimbabwe economy since it took over power 42 years ago. Under Mnangagwa led government inflation has increased, prices of goods and services have increased, Zimbabwean dollar is now useless and us$ has taken over. Majority of companies have closed under Zanu PF leadership.

Some of the organisations who were invited to give solidarity speeches at Masvingo ZCTU include Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, National Informal Economy of Zimbabwe, National Aids Council, Ministry of Labour among others.