CCC Youth Leader Pushes For Improvement Of Workers’ Incentives
2 May 2022
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Masvingo provincial youth interim Citizens Coalition for Change Secretary Gilbert Mutubuki advocates for workers’ better salaries at ZCTU workers day celebrations in Chiredzi yesterday

As President Chamisa attends ZCTU workers day main celebrations in Harare.

2 May 2022

Wezhira Munya

Yesterday, ZCTU in Southern region held workers’ day celebrations in Mufakose Grounds ,Triangle in Chiredzi.

The workers day was held when Zimbabwe workers are earning peanuts whilst the prices of goods and services skyrocket.

Mr Makumbe in Chiredzi said, “Yesterday’s workers day was a moment to reflect on workers suffering. The Government of Zimbabwe and many companies are evil as they have failed to pay workers adequate salaries.”

Speaking at ZCTU workers celebrations in Triangle yesterday, the ZCTU Chairperson for Chiredzi District Mr Moses Chivange said, “Our hearts bleed because the lowest paid worker in Tongaat earns $3000 rtgs per month. This money cannot meet the needs of the workers. Prices of goods and services are increasing daily. On the other hand, rtgs money is losing value daily due to inflation. Therefore, we urge Tongaat and other companies to pay workers in us$. “

This was supported by ZCTU Southern Region head Kudzi who said, “The Zimbabwean worker has become a laughing stock due to poor salaries. We as ZCTU urge employers to pay workers us$ salaries and not rtgs.”

In Zimbabwe, prices of bread, fuel, rentals and schools fees are increasing daily beyond reach of many. However, salaries are still very low, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Dr. Takavafira Zhou said, majority of teachers cannot send their children to school because teachers earn around $18 000 rtgs whereas school fees are pegged beyond
$18 000rtgs.

Most schools in Zimbabwe are charging fees in us$ or from
$45 000 rtgs to $2million rtgs per term. For example, St. George College is charging $2million rtgs for this term, which starts today.

Yesterday, at ZCTU Chiredzi workers day celebrations, interim Citizens Coalition for Change Masvingo provincial youth secretary and Chiredzi urban ward 18 councillor Mr Gilbert Mutubuki said, “As Citizens Coalition for Change under able leadership of President Chamisa, we value and respect Zimbabwe workers. Zimbabwe workers deserve best treatment in terms of salaries, protective clothing, freedom of association and better lives.” Councillor Mtubuki’s sentiments were echoed by President Chamisa’s yesterday’s message to workers , when he called the government of Zimbabwe to urgently pay workers decent salaries in us$.

Yesterday, President Chamisa attended ZCTU workers day celebrations in Harare.

Councillor Mtubuki further implores the workers to register to vote. He urged workers to vote for the party that cares for the workers. In Harare, Citizens Coalition for Change vice president Tendai Biti who gave solidarity speech behalf of CCC at ZCTU main celebrations said, Zimbabwe workers must be paid in us$ and urged workers to register to vote. In addition, vice president Biti, calls for peaceful elections and urged workers to register to vote in 2023.

Many Citizens Coalition for Change leaders, supporters and members attended ZCTU workers celebrations in Chiredzi and other towns across Zimbabwe.