Mnangagwa Starts Using Yellow CCC Colours
3 May 2022
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | It was early 2018, when Emmerson Mnangagwa copied his opponent Nelson Chamisa and began to use the latter’s then red party colour. The change was too embarrassing because Mnangagwa’s ZANU colour has been the ‘unripened-green’ since independence days.

4 year later, Mnangagwa has taken over not just the red colour, but the entire MDC party through his proxy, Douglas Mwonzora. The attacks against Chamisa are as far as taking over his properties, the Harvest House building, party money, and his MPs. In January 2022, Chamisa announces a new brand colour yellow, and new name, Citizens Coalition for Change, CCC, bitterly complaining how his party has been taken over by Mnangagwa.

Days later, Chamisa is pictured in dark black sunglasses. In less than 72hrs, Mnangagwa turns self into ‘His Nerollence’ Commander In Chief of copying. The ZANU PF leader snaps self in his Kwekwe maize field wearing Chamisa’s sunglasses, the same model the youthful contender is wearing.

Chamisa leading the way?
His Nerollence, Emmerson Mnangagwa

4 months later, Mnangagwa goes full-colour-raid, takes over Chamisa’s new party colour. He is filmed in public with an entirely new attire in the recently formed CCC party colours. WHAT IS HIS NEXT MOVE NOW?

Mnangagwa’s new scarf, all yellow | Epworth rally pic- Tateguru