Glenview Shock Over Pomona Dump Money | FULL TEXT
18 May 2022
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Glenview Residents Shocked by the City of Harare’s Call for a Stakeholder Meeting on the Pomona Waste and Energy Project.

Glenview residents are shocked by the call for a stakeholder meeting by City of Harare after the Pomona Waste and Energy deal was signed and is being implemented without consulting the residents of Harare.

Glenview residents petitioned the City of Harare on the 5th of April 2022 over the dubious deal but the petition has not been responded to.

The controversial “deal” which was signed and now being effected has seen the City of Harare surrendering its Pomona Dumpsite to Georgenix at no cost and then the local authority pays around US40,000.00 for dumping 1000 tonnes of waste at Pomona Dumpsite.

Sources say as of yesterday Georgenix had taken over Pomona Dumpsite and charging waste dumping in United States dollars to private companies and individuals, while billing the local authority. Scores of residents and private companies returned back with their waste to find better options.

According to Glenview residents, the City of Harare is conducting a stakeholder meeting in “an attempt to sanitize the dubious and scandalous deal.” – CHRA