The Rise Of Comedian Bhutsu
19 May 2022
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By A Correspondent| Gone are the days when the whole nation would wait for Mukadota, Gringo or Paraffin to crack their ribs on Monday nights during ZTV’s prime time drama series.

Kapfupi, Marabha and Bonjisi popularized street theatre.


The internet has given birth to a new breed of comedians who thrive on producing video skits that are captivating and hilarious.

Through their P.O Box productions, Bhutisi and Kedha are probably the pioneers of this new type of comedy in Zimbabwe.

Bhutisi and Kedha caught the attention of the nation through their satirical skits which tackled several issues in society.

While Bhutisi and Kedha were still enjoying their time in the sun, another serious contender to their throne emerged from Epworth.

He was different from Bhutisi and Kedha who had graduated from film school.

He was raw and witty.

His first skit catapulted him to the limelight and a lot of companies stampeded to him to market their products. His name is Comic Pastor of the ‘shamhu’ fame.

However, as Bhutisi, Kedha and Comic Pastor grew their brands, they diverted into corporate emceeing.

Another comedian has been silently carving his name in the arts industry and his name is Garikai Chigaramadziro popularly known as Bhutsu.

Bhutsu has so far worked on two drama productions – Zvichazoveyi and Achaugara Ndiyani. He has several skits that have attracted viewers on his social media channels.

Bhutsu is a member of Tamba Madrama arts group which has been mesmerizing people at their weddings and private functions.

“I was born to entertain people. During my formative years at school, I was that popular kid who would make people laugh. Since then, I have never looked back. Acting makes me happy and I will continue to entertain people through my work,” Bhutsu.

The Mhondoro bred actor said his goal is to be a household name in the comedy industry.

“I am happy with the love and encouragement I am getting. My greatest wish is to be remembered as one of the greatest comedians Zimbabwe has ever produced,” he said.