Chamisa Puts Political Cards On the Chest
20 May 2022
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By-Citizens Coalition for Change President Nelson Chamisa said he will keep Zanu PF guessing how his party will choose candidates for the 2023 elections.

Chamisa said this Friday, responding to recent stories claiming that Zanu PF wanted CCC to hold primary elections and use the chance to infiltrate the movement.

CCC has since announced that it would not hold primary elections but would have leaders chosen by the communities.

Posted Chamisa on Twitter:

KEEP THEM GUESSING & TOSSING, STEWING & ROASTING! THROW THEM OFF BALANCE…Remember they infiltrate, manipulate and capture using 4 things..1.Structures 2.internal Processes 3.Law-fare 4.Ambitious/hungry characters. Be so unpredictable so they can do nothing but assume.