CCC Africa Day Message
27 May 2022
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CCC Namibia commemorates Africa Day under the theme:Focused on the importance of addressing malnutrition and food insecurity.

25 May 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia joins rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Unity Day, also popularly known as Africa Day. This day is celebrated yearly on May 25th, it eulogises and commemorates the inception of the Organization of African Unity(OAU). It is currently a statutory public holiday in several countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe,Zambia,The Gambia,Ghana,Lesotho,Mali, Mauritania, Guinea only to mention but a few.

As we commemorate this fundamental day, we reflect on the social, political and economic accomplishments of our people across the breadths and lengths of the African continent. It is also an opportune time to take this juncture to focus on the challenges of malnutrition and food insecurity many decades after uniting to liberate ourselves. On May 25th 1963, the visionaries championed by the late vibrant leader of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah and others from 30 of the then independent African states signed a founding charter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to unite against the much hated colonialism and apatheid.

Yellow Revolutionaries in Namibia are cognisant that the agenda of the resolute organisation was barely to bring about socio-economic change, human freedoms and absolute independence to many African countries.

In 1991, the organisation established the African Economic Community, and in 2002 the Organization of African Unity established its own successor, the African Union. Against this clear background of the commitment and dedication of the Nkurumah generation to defeat colonialism and apatheid in Africa, Citizens Coalition For Namibia shall assess the political, social and economic accomplishments in the motherland.

As a sure way of reflecting on the progress made since independence in Zimbabwe, we have not seen any sign of the respect to human freedoms. We have not seen ZANUPF’s commitment to better the livelihoods of its people in a purported independent and sovereign country. It is a public secret that Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of the region , has for years been facing food defiencies , compelling her to rely on humanitarian aid.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia blames the clueless Harare regime on food insecurity and malnutrition as citizens continue to scratch their heads for a single nutritious meal per day. We encourage post-colonial African leaders to accomplish the unfinished business of the liberation struggle. Citizens in Namibia are conscious of their mandate to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of the liberation war.

Although the politically inept ZanuPF regime would like to blame recurring droughts for the problems of malnutrition and food insecurity, yellow citizens are convinced that the bloody,violent and chaotic land reform program which started in 2000 and displaced competent white farmers from the land that is now lying idle is the source of these problems. As a citizens movement which subscribes to Pan-Africanism- we don’t dispute the idea of giving Zimbabweans land but we absolutely condemn the irrational strategy employed by the late President Robert Mugabe during the haphazard and partisan distribution. Our ardent Change Champion in Chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa always articulates the party position on the land question. Land should be given to productive Zimbabweans with the potential to address malnutrition and food insecurity in our beloved country on a non-biased manner.

The latest 2021 rural Zimbabwe vulnerability assessment committee rural report indicated that 2.9 million people in rural areas – that is 27% of the rural households – continue to be food insecure during of zenith lean season between January and March 2022. In the same year, the United Nations agency mirrored that its assessment unearthed that more than 5 million people in Zimbabwe are victims of malnutrition and food insecurity. Instead of trying alleviate citizens from poverty, ZanuPF goes around giving them 2 cups of Chinese rice which is a mockery to human existence

In addition, urbanites also fall prey to malnutrition and food insecurity since up to 2.4 million people are expected to be food insecure according to the latest 2021 urban livelihoods assessment. It is quite pathetic that after the commitment displayed by the Nkurumah generation, Africa continues to suffer from malnutrition and food insecurity despite taking full control of their politics and economics. As we commemorate this day, we would like to remind African leaders to revisit the agenda of the Organization of African Unity now African Union.

Are we still United as Africa when our people are still asked travelling documents within Africa? Are still United when our own are being brutally killed both at home and in South Africa? In recent months, we witnessed Elvis Nyathi being set alight in Diepsloot, South Africa, we really miss the visionaries who wanted to see independent and united Africa, may the dear soul of our gallant fighter namely Kwame Nkrumah rest in eternal power. His spirit of unity and cooperation of African countries shall continue to inspire change champions across the globe.






Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya