CCC Namibia Statement On Death Of Dr Magaisa
6 June 2022
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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia mourns the death of a gallant constitutional lawyer, Dr. Alex Tawanda Magaisa.

06 June 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia celebrates the fruitful life of a constitutional law expert and a champion of constitutional democracy in the motherland, Dr. Alex Tawanda Magaisa who passed on during the early hours of Sunday, 05 June , 2022 in the United Kingdom. Our gallant fighter for democracy was born on the 9 th of December 1975, may his dear soul rest in power. As an external district we shall continue to miss his political and constitutional intellect which was instrumental in enlightening change champions and human rights defenders on the political dynamics in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Alex Magaisa was a prominent Zimbabwean lawyer and human rights defender lecturing at the University of Kent Law School in England after acquiring his law degree at the University of Zimbabwe. Between 2012 and 2013 , he was the chief of staff and principal advisor to the late Icon of Social Democracy President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, then the leader of the Mdc, the country’s gigantic main opposition party. In 2011-12, Dr. Alex Tawanda Magaisa served as a key advisor to Copac, the parliamentary committee that wrote Zimbabwe’s new Constitution,which was approved at the referendum and signed into law in 2013.

Moreover, our deceased champion of constitutional democracy, was the author of a widely acclaimed blog, The Big Saturday Read(BSR) offering in-depth analysis of law and politics in Zimbabwe making it easier for everyone to comprehend complex legal jargon. During his fellowship, Dr. Alex Tawanda Magaisa wrote a handbook on citizens’fundamental rights and freedoms under the new constitution, a project aimed at enhancing a culture of constitutionalism and democratic citizenship in Zimbabwe. His efforts resonated with the idea of putting citizens at the centre of governance.

Furthermore, before the rigged 2018 elections, Dr. Alex Magaisa discussed new political dynamics and what they meant for the future of Zimbabwe. He was always a pro-democracy fighter ready to defend the interests of the citizens. The late constitutional law expert was confident that the newly born baby, Citizens Coalition For Change will gain power from the satanic regime. When the new was formed he said,”The CCC has brought a fresh kind of energy. It is attracting young people and there we are also seeing a huge participation of the diaspora in raising funds to support political activities at home”.

He went on to admit that securing a two-thirds majority is an ambitious goal. “It is a strong party that has the capacity of winning power from the clueless ZANUPF”, he said. This is a testament to his solid contributions to the Yellow Revolution during his life time. May his dear soul rest in power. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia shall forever remember the late organic and pragmatic fighter for the universal basic human freedoms in Zimbabwe. His insatiable appetite for constitutionalism and constitutionality should be lauded by all progressive citizenry in the motherland as well as the diaspora.

In addition to that, the late diligent revolutionary did not tire inasmuch as the liberation of Zimbabweans was concerned from the time of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai to date with the Change Champion in Chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Through his popular blog, The Big Saturday Read, he played a very pivotal role in educating people about the implications of the Supreme Court judgement which was meant to decimate and annihilate the national democratic project. The BSR played a fundamental role to instill hope in the change champions who were being frustrated by the judicially-sponsored MdcT. The read gave social democracy the much needed hope after Mwonzora’s nefarious plot to sell the people’s project to ZanuPF.

In a nutshell, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia applauds the deceased, constitutional law expert for standing firm defending the rule of law and constitutionalism. Commenting on the banning of CCC rallies and politically-motivated violence during and after 29 March by-elections, he said, the regional and international communities will,”keep a watchful eye” on what is happening in Zimbabwe over the next year”.

He further reiterated that, ” Zimbabwe needs a legitimate outcome of its electoral processes so that it can restore relations within the community of nations around the world. We encourage all change champions to give solidarity to the bereaved Magaisa family since it is a core value in social democracy. Go well our Constitutional Law Expert, you shall continue to inspire us as we fulfil your dream for a New Great Zimbabwe.
Rest in eternal power Mukoma Alex Tawanda Magaisa

From Your Brothers and sisters in Namibia

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya