Council Okays Construction Of Beerhall Near Medical Centre
7 June 2022
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By A Correspondent- In a rather unusual move, Mvurwi Town council approved construction of a beerhall near a medical centre, a situation which negatively affects patients.

This issue came into light after the owner of the medical facility launched a formal complaint to the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Mvurwi Town Council, Mr Obedia  Gapa.

In his complainant letter, Dr Enock Sithole said the new beerhall was negatively affecting his  patients through excessive noise coming from bands.

“They hire bands that produce noise that even patients fail to sleep. Some patients would be on oxygen when such high decibels are being emitted. Patients need a quiet environment”, he said.

“Moreover the drunken people come and urinate by the fence and the place is now smelling so bad and unhygienic, please assist that the beerhall be relocated or at least make it completely sound proof.”

When contacted for comment, the Acting CEO, Mr Gapa said the construction of the beerhall was above board as all protocols where followed.  

He however promised to engage the medical centre on the issue while advising the bar owner to install sound proof.