Police Arrest Pro-democracy Visually Impaired Cleric
10 June 2022
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By -Police in Harare, Friday arrested Zimbabwe Divine Destiny leader Bishop Ancelimo Magaya for conducting a prayer programme.

Bishop Magaya was arrested in Harare for facilitating the # Zimbabwe We Want Campaign.

“I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR PRAYING FOR MY COUNTRY,” Bishop Magaya posted on Facebook.
Zimbabweans have condemned the arrest of the clergyman.
“Zvakaoma.Be strong Bishop Ancelimo Magaya. No one is safe in this country, only change of government can stop this,” CCC Youth Assembly leader Netsai Marova said.
Solomon Bismack Bobosibunu wrote on Facebook:
“Zimbabwe will be free Bishop it’s sad. The scene was terrifying to say the least. How would you take over 40 citizens kneeling and praying for their country and life.”
Blessing Simpson Madzima:
“This can’t be true. What’s this regime trying to insinuate. This is more than persecution. It’s evil.”
JT Mun :
“Ummmmm that was very unfortunate situation to tell the truth. Is praying a crime in Zimbabwe.”