“Tapiwa Makore Head Given To Zanu PF Leader”
10 June 2022
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By ZimEye Correspondent | A controversial spiritualist from Guruve has said the head of the slain 8 year old Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore is inside State House.

Speaking on live camera on Friday to sociallite Jacky Ngarande, Sekuru Tembo (real name not given) said the missing lad’s skull was taken away and given to ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He said:

“Tapiwa Makore’s head was taken away and given to the President of Zimbabwe. We are busy probing this matter spiritually. Tapiwa’s head is inside State House.

“You are in the media, so I won’t tell you much for now as it is unsafe, but I tell you that his head is inside State House.”

The spiritualist was speaking while commenting on the missing body of the slain Murehwa school child, Livingstone…..

The following were other comments he passed:

No matter what they may do, the glass will garrison everything, they won’t be able to take the child’s remains, says Sekuru Tembo

With your media, is there anyone who’s been able to say where the child is? I want to see that person who says such. You will see that there is not even one person who can say that because he was buried professionally. Teachers are trained. Police officers are trained.

People might say what they may, but they cannot tell where the child is. I want to see that person who says Sekuru Tembo is lying.


The country is going down, the future is bleak.

I wish Nelson Chamisa speaks with me because the country is going down the drain.