LEAKED: Mwonzora Plans To Rig Congress
11 June 2022
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Dear Editor

This information was leaked by one of Mwonzora’ trusted ally who is also fed up with him.
Douglas Mwonzora has two methods under his armpit to retain power at all cost.

1) He plans to rig the Congress by using Provincial Council NOMINATIONS using Mashaya, Taisekwa and Munkombwe.
2) Use of violence using THUGS., using Yvonne Musarurwa and Albert Chidhakwa.

He learned the rigging tricks from Chamisa.
Chamisa almost defeated Mwonzora in 2014 Congress for the position of Secretary General.
Chamisa using Organizing Staff rigged almost all the Nominations.
Chamisa rigged in 11 out of 12 Provinces.
God saved Mwonzora in Manicaland.
He wants to do exactly the same tricks which were done by Chamisa.
We all know that Provincial Council NOMINATIONS are not in the Constitution of our MDCt party.
From our experience Nominations were once used to rig out our current President in 2014 Congress.
This system is evil and is against the real democracy.
Even Zanupf abandoned the practice of Nominations. In Zanupf they want candidates just to put forward your CV.
MDCT supporters must reject this evil practice of Nominations.
Our President was a victim of this evil practice.
All interested CANDIDATES should just put forward names to the National Council for approval just like what we did at EOC.
Let the people elect their favourite President.
MDCT is a democratic party, CROOKS are not wanted at all.

Save MDCt from total collapse.
Vote For the New MDCt Leader.

Disgruntled MDC Supporters
Harare Province.